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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cuffing the Po Po

As I sit here this lovely afternoon and watch the local news I cant help but shake my head. One of the headlines in this afternoon's news is Accessive Force: Should police be limited or even allowed to use force?

I must say, when I saw and heard that I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes and shook my head. First people complain that there's too much violence in the cities. If you saw all the headlines I see on the news every single morning before I go to work, you'd wonder whether or not I was completely out of my mind for ever leaving the house at all! And now this??

Kids are so far out of control that our tax dollars now have to go to city police officers maintaining permanent posts at just about every school in all of our surrounding districts. Metal detectors are in schools. A Kindergartner recently was found with something like $50,000 worth of crack on him in school. No Shit! Are you kidding me??

I recently posted a pic I took with my cell phone on twitter and facebook of a bum sleeping in a big flower pot on the side of an extremely busy intersection in the heart of Springfield in the middle of the day. I'm not joking. People were just walking by on the street like its no big deal.

Another story I heard on the news was an issue of children standing on the side of the road and throwing rocks at cars as they pass by. Several accidents were reported and a hale storm of damaged cars were reported in the area. No arrests were made.

One of my local police officers is now pressing charges against a man for attempted murder. The officer was asked to accompany a woman to her estranged husband's house to collect her things safely. Its the officer's job to go with her to keep the peace. The husband went nuts and attacked the officer without warning pummeling him in the head so many times that the officer had to call for back up and was then taken to the ER where he had to have his scalp stitched back on. Again, no joke.

Should officers be allowed to use force? Should officers be allowed to use ACCESSIVE force?? YES!!!!!! They absolutely should and quite frankly, I wish they'd do it more often!!

Did you know that in high crime areas judges are LESS LIKELY to stick that little extra charge of 'battery on a police officer', or 'evading police' because they don't want to be bothered with all the extra work? Did you know that? They look at the biggest charges on the list that the police provide and simply ignore the rest.

Because of this, criminals don't mind fighting to flee from police. And of course the adverse affect this has on cops can go one of two ways: They either give up and do nothing to fight crime, or they get mad and snap, beating people in the streets within an inch of their lives (which I personally don't mind. Tough love, I say).

If charges were pressed against EVERYONE for EVERY charge they incur, believe me, they'd think a HUNDRED times before doing something stupid. They wouldn't be so inclined to throw rocks at cars. They wouldn't feel so comfortable lighting up a crack pipe or doing a drug deal right in front of the local convenience store at 1:00pm in the afternoon. They'd think twice if they knew they'd go to jail for EVERY SINGLE illegal act they're performing.

So YES, the police should be doing everything and anything they can to stop these criminals from taking over our cities. And the rest of us good folks who work hard for our money and simply do all we can to be a good person, we should be supporting our officers and not giving in to every little smack head with puppy dog eyes that says they were treated unfairly ANOTHER chance.

Oh, and by the way, whatever happened to the 3 strikes laws???? See? That's the judicial system making their money and letting criminals go. After all, without criminals they'd be unemployed like 80% of the rest of our suffering country. We cant have that......O_O......Please support our officers. They need us more than you think.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've come upon an epiphany. Pleasure. Oh, how the devil tempts us. He gives us food that tastes wonderful but makes our cholesterol count sky rocket. He gives us money that buys us everything but nothing that truly makes us happy. He gives us love. But that love comes with sacrifice. He gives us sex, but orgasm is the subject. He gives us everything we ask for but takes the most important things away in the process.

That food tastes amazing, but it has no nutritional value. You eat it every meal of the day because it makes you feel good. But you keep getting sick.....your heart pounds with the slightest of get tired so fast.....and your Doctor keeps telling you to take your medication and go on a diet. But you're not over weight and you feel no need to heed these warnings.

You make a decent living, but beyond your bills you figure you have money to burn so you gamble. You play the lottery even though you already have so much money you dont know what to do with it. You buy toys that you can only use 3 months out of the year. But no matter how much money you spend, you still arent happy.

You find love but that love has defects or demands. Suddenly you have to deal with some strange 'catch' or another. Whether it be a physical flaw such as a beer belly or stretch marks. Perhaps your lover is everything you ever dreamed of but cant satisfy you in bed. Or maybe a child or two....or TEN that you didn't expect to ever have to deal with. Maybe your lover is piss poor broke and you never really know if they want you for you or for your money. Happiness evades you still.

Lets say your sex life is null and void....or have sex but your partner cares only for their own satisfaction. There isn't a care in the world about your needs. Aint that a kick in the teeth?

What is enough? Where will the hammer drop? We spend our lives trying to make ourselves happy only to find we've sabatouged ourselves. Happiness evades us and runs far and fast. And it does so because happiness is smarter than we are. Happiness doesn't sink to our level. It eats all the right foods. Happiness only spends as much money as it absolutely has to and puts the rest in a 911 account. It recycles and reuses things as much as it can. Happiness takes love for all its worth and turns it into even MORE happiness. (Recycling at its best) And love never worries about such trivial things as orgasms and ice cream. Happiness is like the summer sun....ever warming....ever loving....and ever lasting. It needs none of the things the devil has to offer.  It just needs to remember who it is and where it came from. And it will be .....

....forever happy.