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Saturday, July 30, 2011

#Twitternovel 2

And here we go again! If you missed #TwitterNovel1 then you'll never understand this one, but we'd still love it if you followed us on it. LOL!!

Birds of a Feather is a novel that @simonslives and I both wrote via twitter. It was wonderful and kept a great bunch of you entertained over the winter.

Its a tale of International Assassins who were meant to kill each other but fell in love instead. There are twists and turns leading us both into peril and indeterminate chaos in a hot adventure to find real a way out of their lives of murder.

There will be fire, explosions, gun fights, car chases, blood and a whole lot of sex! Yes, that's right...I said SEX! But those scenes will MOSTLY be in the book and merely suggested on twitter...*winks*...Don't look so disappointed. We have to keep you on your toes somehow! LOL!!

So if you're in need of a good bit of entertainment and in the mood for some witty banter and serious gun powder, then follow us both and enjoy the show!

@karakazoo and @simonslives

These are the names you wont want to forget! See you soon!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Synopsis of Birds of a Feather

Some constructive feedback would be lovely if you don't mind. :)

When Shiloh Lashley, an International Assassin, is stationed in Berlin Germany to conquer her next mark, little did she know that the mark, Monty Wright, is also an assassin hired to kill her! When the two finally meet in a slightly comedic fashion, they find themselves wrapped in intrigue with smoking guns.
                The Assassins initial intrigue soon becomes something much greater than either had anticipated. But when their agencies find out that their top Assassins have gone AWOL the lovers soon become targets staring down the business end of more weapons than either could have ever imagined. So they run the globe fighting the conspiracy, cautious of each other and bonding their confused souls to find balance in the chaos and a way out of a life of crime.
                Monty, an English spy and a man of many secrets, finds that he’s fallen in love with his sexy would be killer.  Knowing full well about her hidden past he finds himself willing to do anything to save her and her secret from a life of murder and fear. He’s willing to sacrifice his own barren life for her happiness. If only he knew that her happiness depended on his survival.
                Shiloh, a loner by nature finds she’s unsure of the man she’s fallen madly in love with.  The possibility of this spy breaking down her walls solely to get to the Agency was not so farfetched. And the fear of his attempt to fulfill his contract poses as a long lasting distraction.  His secrets torment her even as he slowly begins to bring them to light. Little by little her stone walls soften and crumble as his English charm kisses her again and again.
                But Shiloh’s secret is daunting. She is oblivious to the fact that Monty knows her secret. He knows about the child she birthed as a result of rape. He knew all about her old boss and how she got into the business by helping the Agency get their man and taking her revenge at the same time.
                Even as her conception was in vein, the bond between a mother and her child never fades. Monty wastes little time forcing this reality back to Shiloh’s dull scope of life. He would do anything for her happiness and he would stop at nothing to make her dreams of being a mother to the daughter that she lost so long ago come true.
                The work of a spy is lonely and cold, but it was all either of the lovers knew until they found each other.  The question of love or lust suddenly crashes to the sandy beaches of Jamaica where they escape to from the long arms of contract killers.  There they finally share a passion that bonds them together, driving them harder to their goal of freedom, of a family, of peace. It’s where their love blossoms into something more real than they could have ever known.
                But when they are discovered, their plans get rushed and the lovers are forced apart in order to stay alive long enough to save the life of Shiloh’s little girl. What they find in the scorching plains of Mexico is more than they’d expected. In their efforts to save the child from a so called monastery they discover something far more dangerous than any assassin. Will their love, determination and skill save them from the compounds of death, or will lies and secrets cause a prison of bullets to take the lovers?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorrow is the Dream

I have no home, no dreams come true
I'm shackled and bound by days old and new
There's no spark left inside, no fire in my blood
I'm sinking forever deeper into the past of tar and mud
I pray for the earth to take me and feed itself
For even as I'm alive there's nothing in this empty shell
I've waited so very long to warm by the rays of love
But I lay here under icy rivers only to stare at the heavens above
There's no mercy here, no reward for kindness is due
Lord knows all I've ever wanted was for this dream to come true
Lord knows all I've ever wanted was love from only you.

The Search for an Agent

And again, the search is on! I've been searching for an agent for over 2 years now. I constantly hear that I should be a writer because I have real talent, and yet when I finally write a novel its overlooked and snubbed due to timing, editing, content and so on.

Seems such a tedious task to find even one literary fish out of the biggest ocean stalked full of them, who would enjoy my genre. And here lies another issue...genre's. So many stories to tell and yet agents are very specific about what the like or don't like. If it takes so long to find one agent for one simple genre, how long will it take to find one for that NEXT book I'm working on?

Honestly, the frustration has set in and the search for agents to submit my work to has officially given me a head ache and nauseated me straight to my couch!

The one thing I've dreamed of doing in terms of writing have been beaten and crushed for many years now. Poetry is my soft spot and is the only form of writing that touches my soul. Unfortunately, publishers have made it very clear to me that they have absolutely NO interest in poetry as apparently EVERYONE thinks they are a poet. So my dreams of being a published and RECOGNIZED poet have been pulverized and spit on.

So instead I write novels. My preference in writing is horror and dark arts. Its a difficult task but like anyone else I wish to see my work blossom and bloom in paperback. Having said that, Kindle seems to be the new paperback which I must admit, breaks my spirit a little bit. There is just something about holding a book in my hands, smelling the ink on the processed paper and seeing the shine on the beautifully decorated cover. But as times change...we must adapt.

So here I am, ranting about why I love and hate what I do. I really do pray it finds me a success someday...someday SOON would be nice. My day job is killing me! LOL!!

Sorry if you didn't want to hear any complaints today....but I'm injured and feel that I'm entitled to a little drama at the moment. LOL!!

Okay, I'm done. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Query Letter for Birds of a Feather

Okay's where YOU come in. I need to know if this sucks or not. I'd love to hear your opinions on this Query Letter...if you dont know what a Query Letter is...don't comment! LOL!! I left out mine and Simon's bio cuz I don't need your help for that part, but this is the meat of it. :) So tell me, what do you think? Be wont hurt my feelings. I promise.

Here it is:

            When Shiloh Lashley, an International Assassin breaks all the rules and falls in love with Monty Wright, her latest target, she finds herself in a conspiracy with her own name on the hit list and a deep dark secret surfacing in the fight to save her love, her life and a past she’s hidden for so long.

            This sexy tail spin of murder, money and conspiracy gets blown to bits when Monty Wright and Shiloh Lashley are both hired by opposing Agencies to kill each other. When the assassins finally meet the sparks fly along with a hail of bullets which lead them straight into each other’s arms, both to be buried under white sheets in a hotel in Berlin, Germany. But when their Agencies discover their affair cities crumble and a barrage of car chases, explosions and gun fights stalk the lovers around the globe. Even as this affair blossoms, the shock of it still grips the pair as there are secrets a plenty in the world of spies and contract killers. Can their love withstand the smoke of gunfire, or will their secrets tear them apart and take their lives?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Thank You

Well I've done it this time! LOL!! I seem to need extra feet and not just because I broke one of them, but because I seem to need spares to stick in my mouth! I mentioned today that I thought God hated women...first he gave us the apple, then our periods and then he was nice enough to 'gift' us with the ability to bare children and get good and fat! Well my words were put slightly differently and poor dear Chris nearly fell off his keg thinking I was pregnant! LOL!! So to clear the air...NO...I'm NOT pregnant...I'd have to be Mother Mary for that shit! Hahahahhaa!!!!

Having cleared that up, I'm also a bit confused by how argumentative the Irish men get when I explain to them what #IHOW means! They suddenly get 'fisty' and want to fight poor Wayne! I honestly don't know how he ever survived in Ireland with all those crazy bastards wanting to throw down all the time! LOL!! Wayne, if you're reading this...I'm sorry....I'm not sure why...but I am. LOL!!

Now for a more serious statement. I just want to say thank you and give you all a ton of cyber hugs! I promised Chris much love and some cyber snuggles so here ya go!! ((SNUGS!~PLUGS~n~HUGS)) Don't go spending that all in one spot now! LOL!! No, for real, Chris you've been a great friend and I truly do appreciate your kind heart even if you DO beat on me. :) Its not every day a girl can befriend a man without the inevitable expectations. Thank you dear!

Having said that...there are SO many more of you I'd like to thank for being so wonderful...too many to remember all in one shot...not your fault...I forget my own name every day!

Jamie, you knew you'd be on here!! LOL!! You are the sister I WISH I had!! Thank you so much for all the support and common sense through good times and strange times...LOL!! I wish we were closer so we could meet, I really do!! I pray that some day our careers will help bring us together :)

Simon, my twitter partner who will never in a million years read this, I love're wonderful! Thank you for being in a time of need at the same time as me! Hahahhaha!! No...I'm sorry, that was mean. LOL!! I wish you the absolute best in all things in your life! You deserve all the happiness and love that the world holds for you dear! And I remember my promises!! If you don't....I feel bad for you when I show up at your door step! Hahahhaa!!!

For all the boys who cure my ill and all the girls who give me will, thank you!!

I really owe Twitter a hand shake and a very grown up nod. Without twitter I never would have had the luxury to interact with all of you. And god knows how crazy I COULD have gotten! LOL!! WOW!!

Anyway, I'd also like to thank #IHOW for spreading good health and for trying so hard to help others in their time of need. Without people like all of you the world would crumble and fall. I'm not ready for that. So thank you. You're wonderful. Keep doing what you do.

And MURV!!! The man who got the dog that brought back so many memories and was kind enough to listen to them as well. You and your family are wonderful and I pray you all have the best of love and life for all your years to come. :) I'm done blubbering...for now. And NO...I'm not drunk. LOL!!! I just think credit should be given where its due. Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today I'm Here to RANT

How many of you pay insurance, whether it be medical, vehicle, home or any other kind of insurance? All of us do right? How much money do you spend on these insurances every year? Think about it for a minute. I've done the math. And I found that I pay over $2000 in insurance payments every year. And a few years ago it was MUCH higher simply because of my age.

Well....the area I live in was struck by a tornado and destroyed thousands of homes and cars in several cities and surrounding towns. Now all the victims are trying to recover what they lost only to get the doors slammed in their faces by the insurance companies. Most of the home owners who've lost everything are retired elderly people who never could have imagined a tornado in Massachusetts. And now they find themselves homeless, unemployed and without help because the insurance companies refuse to help them.

I strongly feel that the laws and policies in this country prevent us all from being what this country is supposed to be about......FREEDOM.

You pay thousands upon thousands of dollars into insurance policies that by law, you HAVE to have...and yet, when you need that insurance to recover what you've lost or damages you've incurred they say no???

If this is okay, then so is stealing. Because that's all it really is. You pay money into a system put there to help you financially should anything happen and when something happens they DON'T help. That's stealing is it not? And yet its perfectly legal for them to do that! That PISSES me off!!!!!!!! We work too damn hard and pay FAR too much taxes to have these companies milk us for every penny WE earned! I say if they want to get paid, they should get off their asses and get a fucking job!

I think we should all ban together and fight the system. Send a letter to the White House. Call your Senators and your Mayor's!! We need to stop these giant companies from running us dry like the damn Banks did!!

Okay, I'm done ranting now. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a Note From the Crazy Lady

Loneliness is a pain that exists to remind us that life has more meaning than a busy schedule or a life filled with work and responsibility. Fore every tear that is shed there is an argument avoided. For every night spent with eyes wide open there is one less heart broken. I find comfort in this. For its the only way.

I've yet to find peace in it all but, I'm sure in time it's purpose will come clear. A lesson perhaps. Am I a teacher for all? I am a master of nothing. I have many tears shed. I've many sins to answer to. Cant help but question faith. Maybe God has an answer or two. I've found that trials bring you treasure's no matter how small they seem. I'll never take them for granted.

 I will forever fight fro my love and my soul. I will always ignite a fire in the deepest darkest crypts of my being. I will fight. For always. I will be here, working...waiting. Its not in me to quit though I want to so badly sometimes. This is just a note, a feeling, a blight. I wish I could say it the way I feel it but until then, I'm all I have to give.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Twitter Novel Complete!

I just wanted to drop you all a line. I've finished my 3'rd edit on the twitter novel and passed it off to my wonderful partner in crime, Simon, to be read for the very first time. I've also passed it off to Jamie to be seen by fresh new eyes. Hopefully there wont be many mistakes...or none at all. LOL!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with us through the making of 'Birds of a Feather'. It was the most interesting story I've ever written, I must say, and cant help but wonder what it will bring for the future. But whatever that is, I've all of you to thank for it.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Things We Learn With Time

Don't worry, I wont plague you with another poem. LOL!! This is just something I've recently been thinking about and needed to put into words.

I've lived far longer than my 30 years would have you think. I've been through a great deal in my life and though I'm an adult and now live a comfortable, peaceful life I cant help but think about the years past.

When I was a kid, I was a foster child. I moved MANY times, and had to transfer schools on countless occasions. I was always 'the new girl'. I lived in many small towns, and they truly do live up to their reputations as 'word travels fast'. Everyone knew everyone and in the predicament that I was ALWAYS in, I ASSUMED that everyone knew who I was, and what I was.

I never said a word to anyone. I was too afraid. They would look at me with their heads bowed like they felt bad for me, but yet, they wouldn't talk to me. The small few who did, I hold in my heart forever. But those who did not always made me feel small. Its those people I've recently been thinking about.

Now that I'm grown, I've begun to reconnect a bit with long lost friends, and even acquaintances. And only now am I realizing, they didn't know. I was SHOCKED to find out that they never actually knew who I was, or where I came from. They knew I was different. I was not French Canadian as everyone else was. And I showed up as a young girl rather than growing up with them.

My story was a mystery to them, and all this time I'd been thinking the worst of them for shunning me, when in all actuality, I was shunning them. For that I apologize. I didn't know.

I've recently discussed this with several of those people. I must give them credit for their understanding and continued smiles. Now they're finding comfort in putting the puzzle pieces together, as it makes their understanding of me far more easy to read. LOL!!

I guess the moral of all this is a simple one...and one I should have known all along. 'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'. You never really know whats written within its pages.