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Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's personal Jester

Just another day in the life and times of a wise but crazy lady. Yesterday was an interesting and embarrassing day for me. As funny as it was for everyone else, I myself was embarrassed and annoyed....but NOW????

Okay, I'm laughing my ass off now!! So I will tell you what happened.....*taking a deep breath*....I normally work very hard. I do a lot of hard labor at my boss's house. Not because I have to, but because I like it. It keeps me physically relieved and yet OUT of jail! LOL!!

So anyway, I was in my boss's LARGE garden and was breaking a mega sweat in the 90* temperatures digging trenches for 30 semi odd tomato plants and 12 brussels sprout plants and some other shit. The dirt had been tilled several weeks ago so it was loose and I kept sinking up to my ankles in it with every step. Might I add, I'm NOT very well coordinated.

After digging the trenches and working up this terrible sweat, I brought the hose in to water the wilting plants. I left the hose on the ground to let it fill the trenches while I continued to dig more.

Well I wasn't paying attention to the hose and found myself getting tired, so I stood up (as I was bent over running my hands through the trench to smooth it out) and my freaken pants fell off!!!! Yup, I said OFF!! Dropped right down to my ankles!! I panicked as my boss and son were both there watching from a distance, and I fumbled to gather them up........WELL, I lost my balance and stumbled backwards right into a giant quick sand puddle the hose had made while I was working!! I fell into it and lost a shoe!! It got swallowed by the puddle!!

My boss and my son got a GREAT laugh as I rolled around on the garden floor desperately trying to get my shit together! Once I finally managed to regain myself I stood up adjusting my pants to hear another round of laughter!

I looked over to my boss who was absolutely hysterical and trying to point at my shirt. I looked down to see that I had a sweat stain on my shirt outlining my breasts!!

At that point I decided it was quitting time and I drove home with humility in my soul and dirt in my underpants.

Just another day for Kara. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

What's This?

Telling stories of awesome humility about my sister always makes me smile. And as today is yet ANOTHER grey and dreary day, I need a smile or two. So here ya go ....

Years ago when I was about 12, I ran away from yet ANOTHER home. This time, my sister was with me! It was quite the adventure....we had a 'Lean On Me' moment where we nearly got hit by a train as we made sure to use the Rail Road tracks as our path so the cops wouldn't catch us.

But thats not the part of the story I want to tell you about. The part I want to tell you is rather HILARIOUS and came later when we finally got to our destination.

We wound up several towns away from where we began and at one of my mother's friend's house in Lille, Maine. She was an older woman who had a rotten head on her shoulders and LOVED to help people commit crimes....(like us) she was more than happy to take us in.

She had convinced us that we'd be able to live with her indefinitely and had told us that we could have her son's old room. He was in the military and made the extremely intelligent decision to NEVER go back home!

So my sister and I began cleaning the room out. It was nearly empty, but no one had been up there in years so I was dusting cobwebs away while my sister made quick work of the closet. Summer (my sister) was a boy crazy teen who is 3 years older than me and INSISTS she's smarter than me. Which makes this, that much funnier!

As she was going through the closet, fascinated by all the GUY stuff she was finding, she picked up something I couldn't quite see at first as I was busy cleaning. She had her back to me and I could only really see bits and pieces of something white with straps and a hard shell in the shape of an almond.

"What's this?" she asked focusing intently on the thing in her hands as she tried to figure it out. She turned it this way and that way and I could see smoke coming out of her ears!

"Let me see." I said staying where I was. Summer slowly turned still focusing on the white thing with straps and the almond shaped shell as she turned toward me.

I instantly knew what it was but before the words could come out she put the hard shell part over her mouth like a doctors mask and wrapped the straps around her head. The confused look on her face made me crumble with laughter!

"Summer..." I said trying to catch my breath. "'s a jock strap!" I said with my hands on my knees as I laughed my ass off unable to take my eyes off her!

Summer screamed and whipped the jock strap across the room and frantically began to rub her face on her sleeves! I couldn't stop laughing...tears welled in my eyes as I lost my breath with fits of hysteria!

"It's not funny!" She yelled at me looking as though she was about to cry.

"Yes it is!" I retorted wiping the tears away. "I cant believe you didn't know what it was!" I laughed harder. "And you put it on your face! Eeeeew!! Oh my god, that's so gross!" I tormented her.

"Hey, what's going on up there?" the woman who owned the house called from downstairs.

"Summer just put a jock strap on her face, thinking it was a mask or something!" I yelled back to her. Suddenly the hall filled with echoes of hysterical laughter!

Summer couldn't help but join in the fun as she realized the true humor in her actions, she laughed too!

She, to this day, has never lived it down. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Old Soul

An old tired soul finds itself stuck in a young and vibrant body.
The mind tired with wisdom, wary and worn.

The heart cries for an adventure the mind wont allow.
War ensues, as the two forces try to collide over and over but are denied contact like reverse polarities in magnets.
The cries for life become deafening as the yearning for the depths of darkness cloud the soul.

Suddenly a life of inner imprisonment becomes clear as the haze of confusion blows away in the winds of time.

A sad new revelation opens a fresh wound letting the blood run from a still beating heart.

There are no questions, just knowledge.

There is no doubt, only knowledge.

And with knowledge there is no need for answers.
No need for questions.

And on it goes, a rivalry of inner turmoil for years....and years to come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Super Star!!

Well we all knew it, now its official! I've been awarded the Super Star Blogger Award by the one and only @saphirablue84 also known as Jamie Corrigan. My twitter bff and #twinsy :)

Now if only I can get this thing turned into a metal and pin it to my chest!! ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Forever More

Yesterday, was a stormy wind, a tragedy. It brought all the evils lurking deep down to the surface to battle me.

It was an internal war that pressed the very core of a selfless and humble soul. For there was no reason, no reward just a season, just a cloud the color of coal. Was a battle of will which created the spill that shimmered like oily water. But with a new day, comes the sun's rays giving the rainbow a chance to shine on mother natures's daughter.

Her warmth brings strength and courage to a brand new eve, that has tried to retrieve nutrients from her roots. It pulls on the life that has survived so much strife and learns to breath again, with the air from heaven's ever changing moods.

I will live again, I will breath again. I will be stronger than before. I will fight for all thats right and leave weakness behind forever more.


Words drip from the lips of both logic and lies. Trails of confusion and muttled ideas tickle a fancy of fantasy. For only moments, sorrow and angst roll down a muddy river into a deep pit of tar. And for those sweet simple moments the darkest of night is illuminated by many moons which feed the stars. The light gives hope, but like everything else, light fades and soon the darkness blankets the soul.

The sun seems a hazy memory. A heart burns with envy and ice from the coldest of mountain tops. Soon hope seems lost and faith is as the sun, fading with the swiftness of the wind over rushing waters. Suddenly a once hot and beating heart becomes a cold and rusty stone. Thick and heavy. No longer a protective shell, but a solid mass of sand and all the elements of defeat.

A once soft and loving soul now sits under water drowning and hidden from the light, the warmth an the love that has left it tortured. Alone. Because in the end, that is all we are.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Into the Wild

Its easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a modern life. So easy, that we forget the simple how to build a proper fire, kindling, oxygen levels, ext. Or how to forage and find food.

We forget to listen to the sounds of silence. for it holds all the answers to the questions your soul's been asking. We deprive ourselves of survival and understanding of the ways of the world. The REAL ways of the world.

The so misunderstood. We are the WILD. Not the animals, not the plants, not the evils of mother nature, but US. "Trying to juggle blood and fire" this can be a tricky chore. We all have our evils but you'll never hear of a dear who's cheated on its mate and got fired from it's job because it didn't wake at dawn. Only we do that.

There is no time unless you have a watch. There is no truth without lies. There is no survival without struggle. Secrets can be devastating. Lies can be destructive, but truth...this will always be just what it is....TRUTH. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nothing is as honest as nature. For she will never lie. She is beautiful and brutal, hungry and full, tired and wanting and she will never tell you otherwise.

Being a part of and experiencing the wild is the ultimate truth. Its not for the faint of heart. Only the strong will survive.

In the wild you don't have to worry about getting robbed, raped or abused. All you have to worry about is the weather and the direction of the herds. Just goes to show how "civilized" we really are.

Sometimes the wild can make you feel so alone. Then again, sometimes alone is the best way to be.

Sometimes it seems that intelligence had gone too far and we forget the place we come from. The Earth we grew from, the only existence in the Universe who gave us everything we've ever needed.

I've never found as much peace as I've found in the wild, anywhere else in the world. There's no peace like in the wild. You'll never understand, until you experience it.

If you haven't seen the movie 'Into the Wild' you should. Its a hell of a lesson, and a cool breeze of enlightenment in life............and death.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#Twitternovel 2

For all you new peeps out there, I thought I'd do the honors of announcing the second #twitternovel is now under way! YAY!!

Now in case you don't know what I'm talking about I'll explain it to you! It began about 2-3 months ago when I was introduced to Simon Forster on twitter. We met with words of intrigue that quickly became VERY entertaining to our followers and even US! So after about 2 weeks of a storyline we'd created to entertain each other, I decided it was too good to leave in the history pages of twitter, so I copied it and began what we now the #twitternovel.

The story itself is a 'Suspenseful Romantic Thriller' about 2 assassins who'd been hired to kill each other. But in the midst of the hits, they fall in love instead! But this was not to go unpunished as any assassin who ignores his hit is a traitor to their Agency and must be terminated. The two Assassins wind up in a tail spin of love and danger.

There's plenty of explosions, murder, espionage and suspense for all! Join the fun and follow both myself @karakazoo and @simonslives on twitter to keep up to date with our tweets of the story. If you miss any of it, you may get lost in the tweets, so PAY ATTENTION!!

We'll be starting VERY soon!!

Hope you're enjoying it! Spread the word and the #FF's peeps! We LOVE to entertain!!