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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are you safe at work?

I have been going on and on about how horrible the city of Springfield is here in Massachusetts. I have good reason to. Its just the most horrendous place I've ever been in my life!

As some of you may already know, about a month ago, my car was broken into at work. In case you don't know what I do for a living, I'm a PCA (Personal Care Assistant) I take care of quadriplegic people in their homes. This particular home is rather large with an equally large yard with 2.....yes 2, driveways.

 I was parked behind the house, as usual and right in broad daylight, in the 2 hours my eyes were off my car, someone broke into it. Smashed the window, stole my stuff, ransacked the vehicle, even left several blood stains on the upholstery (which wont come out) and on the console.

There was also a car right next to mine that got broken into as well. To make a long story short, apparently about 4 days later the destructive, sticky fingered little prick who broke into the cars got caught and thrown in jail for the break ins of at least 32 different cars that the police knew of in the area.

For the most part, over the last few weeks things had quieted down a bit. That is until 2 days ago. I was at work just on my way out for the day and my boss's son told us that he was upset because he was trying to weed whack the tree belt only moments prior when he put the weed whacker down for a minute to pick up some trash and all of a sudden, a mini van pulled up, a woman opened the sliding door of the van and reached out to try and steal the weed whacker sitting only a few feet from my boss's son (while the van was still moving) ! He immediately jumped up and began screaming at her at which point the van sped off without the weed whacker.

Well, like this wasn't bad enough. A couple days ago, my boss's wife's van got broken into, ransacked and so on. Then we find out the neighbor across the street also got his truck broken into. THEN.......yes it gets better.....we find out that the day prior, a lady who lives down the street was taking a shower one morning before work and while she was in the shower, her house was broken into and all her valuables were stolen right out from under her nose! Before her shower, all is normal, after shower, everything's GONE!! TV, stereo, laptop, jewelry, furniture........WTF???? They must have had a truck waiting right outside!

While my boss is telling me all this today, we were working outside and I happened to round the corner of the house and found a milk crate over turned in the landscaping right under the kitchen window. Someone had used it to try and break into the house! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????

Honestly.......*slumps and shakes head*........I just........I just don't feel comfortable at work anymore. They knew how dangerous the city was, but they chose to live there anyway. I wasn't the one who wanted to live there. I don't think I should feel so tied to the city. I want to quit my job.

I'm heart broken. I've been working for that man for 8 years now. Day in and day out. And I just don't feel safe there anymore. I think I have to find a new job. I just cant risk my belongings, my safety, the safety of my son.....I just cant. *sniffs*

Its a sad day......shit, its a sad world.

For all  you little bastard hoodlums who cant keep your filthy little fucking hands to yourselves.....I'm gonna get you. I wont call the cops.......I'll teach you......the hard way. You only have two hands. That means you only have 2 chances. After that........I just have a comedy show watching you TRY to steal my shit.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is YOUR pet thinking?

I heard an interesting story on a day time TV show yesterday, and I haven,t been able to stop thinking about it. It made me laugh so hard I had to tell several other people the story...........they didn't think it was funny. LOL!!

So this woman who was a Pet Psychic got a phone call one day from a man who was very concerned about his pet Python. The man said he thought the snake was sick and wanted the woman to read it's mind and find out what was wrong.

The Psychic, thanking God this was a PHONE reading, connected psychically with the snake. After a moment, she made a face of both shock and disgust and she says, "Sir, do you sleep with your snake?" In her mind she could see that the man had raised the snake for many years and felt comfortable with it. She could also see the snake coming up under the sheets and slithering up along side of him at night.

"Yes." the man answered. "That's why I think he's sick. He doesn't usually do that."

"No......he's not sick." The Psychic said pausing, trying to find a way to explain it. "He's sizing you up." she finally said, not knowing how to say it any other way.

"What?" the man asked confused.

"Sir, your snake is sizing you up. You know, to see if you fit." she said in a more serious tone. "It's time for you to get rid of the snake, sir. He's......he's......well, he's gonna eat you!" she finally said.

They finished their conversation and ended the call. A couple weeks later the Psychic got a phone call from the same man.

"What can I do for you, sir?" she asked politely, happy to hear he was still alive.

"Well, I just thought I'd let you know that after our phone conversation I wasn't sure what to think. You know, psychics? I just wasn't sure, and I'd raised the snake all it's life so it just seemed that we had a connection. Anyway, I called a vet and told her the same thing I told were right. She actually screamed at me over the phone and told me to 'Get out of the house! NOW!' So I got rid of the snake.

The Pet Psychic was simply happy to be validated by someone with a doctorate. LOL!!

I think, for me, the point of the story was more to do with knowing your ANIMAL's rather than knowing your PETS.

I recently had a conversation with my son about cats and dogs and the differences there are in caring for them. Cats are more independent as in their roots, cats in general are a family linked specie (meaning they typically live out most of their lives with their cat family) or they live alone. And dogs are pack species. All K-9 species are pack animals. They ONLY know how to live in packs. The only time you usually see any K-9 alone in the wild is if its sick or had just been kicked out of its pack. Its typically a bad time for the K-9 as they depend entirely on their pack for survival.

Anyway, I'm getting off point is all animals are different and if you plan on having a pet you should really study that specie and its particular breed before making the commitment.

The man in this story had raised the snake since it was a baby. He was very used to it and comfortable with it and had grown emotionally attached to it. What he failed to realize is that reptiles and amphibians do NOT have emotions. all. They are a specie created for one purpose only.........population control. They have work to do. They have to eat other living species and create waste to give back to earth what it has taken. That's it. They have only the most basic of instincts: Eat, breed and survive.

So there was no way that snake was sleeping with him to feel better. Laying lengthwise along side him was strictly to see if his body was going to fit inside the snake's. No ifs ands or buts about it. He's lucky he survived.

How lucky are you? What's your pet thinking?

Is your dog left alone a lot? Is it acting all crazy and attention starved whenever you get near? Well, it's because it's a PACK animal and you keep leaving it alone! STOP IT!

Is your cat constantly meowing at you? Chasing you around? It's because it needs something! Check the litter box, the food and water. Chances are, that's it! Keep them clean! Cats are one of the cleanest specie of animal in the world! Help them stay that way!

Is your fish suddenly acting sluggish and looking odd in color or texture shortly after you took out that last dead fish? Its not because it's sad and misses it's friend. It's because you waited too long to take the dead one out and it's now contaminated the water! Clean the tank and medicate your fish!

And for goodness sake!!! If your snake is trying to 'sleep with you',  RUN LIKE HELL!!!! LMAO!!!