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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It's about to happen. I'm about to be the only female in a house full of boys. You know what that means....never ending farting, burping, scratching, inappropriate subjects and language, the odors, toilet seats left up, hair covered bathrooms, never ending sports, beer polluted refrigerator, dishes stacked to the ceiling, the odors, the constant questions ("When's dinner gonna be ready?"), farting, nothing in its place, tools on the kitchen counter, boot prints all over the floor, the odors, overflowing laundry, empty toilet paper rolls, belching, grunting, ESPN on every television, stained carpets, cursing, clogged toilets, the odors.....*sighs*....and then there's the dog....also a male, by the way.

I don't know if I can do this. Even Yankee Candle merging with Sears can't fix this.

I guess all I can do is stock up on toilet paper, bleach, ear plugs, and air freshener. Lysol, take me away! I may take up smoking.....oh god, I forgot. They smoke. *screams and rips out hair* What was I thinking???

How do people do this?? I'm gonna need some now!!

*bangs head against wall*