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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Business Blunders

I normally don't like to talk about this kind of stuff on my blog because, well, its just too damn serious. But there are realities in our society that just astound me. We live in the 'Land of the Free' and yet our own government and even stronger sources such as Corporate Giants have managed to take it all away in one fell swoop.

I'm learning a lot working closely with people who own and operate their own businesses and I must say, I feel so bad for them. They work so hard to make a living and no matter how successful they are at what they do, the government or other larger businesses find a way to take everything away from them.

It seems to me that with all the trouble these businesses owners get for their success, they may have to close shop in order to survive. Since when does closing down your business become more lucrative than running it??

What do I mean? How could they possibly make more money closing shop than running it? Well, I'll tell you. Take a restaurant for example. You have food to buy, which is more expensive now than ever. You have employees to pay. Even when they don't show up, even if they are the world's worst workers, you have to pay them. Yes, its true. If you hire someone who turns out to be a slacker, drug dealer, excessive break taker, trouble maker, fighter, destructive or whatever, you still have to pay them. If you decide to fire them, the government forces you to continue paying them their wages until they find another job (which is not capped so they can basically live off of your money forever without finding more work. Or worse, they do find more work but don't report it to the workforce council and then they make out like bandits earning money from their current job while still collecting from their last job.) And if you try to be smart, *taps head*, and keep them as employees but make their life myserable until they quit, you can and probably will be sued for harrassment.

Senseless? I know. You don't have to tell me.

How about insurance? Do you have any idea how many different kinds of insurance you have to have? My gosh! Its criminal! Really, it is! There's property insurance, medical insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, car insurance, and I'm pretty sure there's a few more that I can't think of right now. *bangs head on desk*


Here's another one. Anyone ever hear of a Merchants Fee? This is what you, as the business owner, must pay to credit card companies for excepting payments on their cards. Yup, that's right. Crazy, isn't it? And the more extravagant the card (whether it offers its users points, gifts or rewards) the higher the fee is for the business owner to pay. That credit card company has to make their money back somehow. You really think just getting more card holders will do it? *laughs* Nope. They take it from the little guy, YOU, the business owner.

And don't even get me STARTED on taxes! There's a tax for EVERYTHING!!! Omg, this is why my state is nicknamed 'Taxachusetts'. Take a hint people!

Our President promised help for the middle class people, for the small business owners. Instead, all they got was more bills, higher insurance rates, laws that force all these things on them and outrageous fees for their troubles. Meanwhile, the big boys (banks, insurance companies and pharmacutical companies) find loop holes to get out of helping you because even when the President wags a finger at them and says, "You must offer them help." He never put any laws into place forcing them to do so. So.......they find a way out of it, making the consumers life a living hell in the process.

Doesn't anyone know that if you don't design rules and regulations for insurance companies they are free to charge whatever they want and drop whomever they want? Especially since its now the LAW that we all MUST have insurance. Its like being chained and shackled to one thing that kill you at any given moment for any given reason. Not only is this not smart, but its not even logical.

Its seems to me that our government has set us up for failure. What they refuse to recognise is that its the middle class workforce that supports the life and blood of this country. So when the Corporate Giants take over and bury the President and Congress, all hell will break loose.

What do you suppose will  happen when all the small businesses close? When the middle class is so backed up in debt that the government forced upon them because of something some OTHER companies did? What do you think will happen? Middle class will all be unemployed, people will be forced out of their own homes, food will become scarce, hospitals will no longer accept them without insurance........


And Civil War never ends well.

So, in a nutshell, selling the business to someone bigger (financially) which is what we all like to call 'selling out' these business owners would make more money on that sale than they ever did operating the business. And with real estate being as shitty as it is right now, that's not saying much at all is it?

I wish those who run our country were smarter. I wish those who make more money than all the countries combined shared with those in need. I wish common sense were more common. This is a failing country, and all because of simple stupidity and greed. Congratulations, America. You've finally made the most hated country list. Even your own citizens are turning against you. Smarten up........I beg you.