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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ten Points for the Boy

I have a bit of a scary story for you.

For a couple years now my son has been telling me that our house is haunted. I like to watch TV shows like, Paranormal Witness, Dead Files, Long Island Medium and others like that and my son sometimes likes to as well. So I just chalked it all up to him watching too much TV (and combined with his autism there's a little more drama added to this situation.). I tell him, to stop being dramatic and I give him logical reasons for all his 'complaints'.

For example, he said his door (which has a hook in eye lock) keeps coming unlocked by itself in the middle of the night. My response is that is he either just forgot to lock it or that a truck went by or something. (Our house is not in the best shape the ground it's on is not very stable at the moment. So when trucks go by the entire house shakes. We also live down the street from the Air Force Base and are directly under the take off strip.) He rolls his eyes and tells me he KNOWS he locked it and he actually heard the lock jingle when it came undone in the night. *Throws hands in the air* What can I say?

He tells me the door opens and closes by itself in the night. I never believed that because my house is built in such a way that you actually have to walk into my room to get to his. So his bedroom door is in my bedroom. I wake up to a pin drop. So there is no way his door would open without me knowing it. Its an old creaky house. The doors squeak so bad I have to grease them monthly.

He's also told me that his alarm clock has changed time by itself and sometimes he comes home from school to find it blinking. Obviously, common sense says it was a slight power outage or issue. Happens all the time.

So these are the kinds of things he's been 'complaining' about. I just shake my head and tell him to calm down get real.

Last night, I went to bed. Everything was as usual. No trauma during the day, no crazy TV shows before bed. None of that. I was tired and we had to get up at 5:30am so I went to bed around 10:30pm. At about 3:00am I woke to the sound of my son's bedroom door opening. I looked over at his door expecting him to come out to use the bathroom.........he never came out. I sat up in bed and stared at the door. Nothing. I decided to go see if he was okay. I got up and went into the room. He was sound asleep in bed. I looked around his room.............nothing. Stumped, I stood there staring at the door. He usually locks it when he goes to bed. (I don't know why.)

Seeing nothing, I decided to use the bathroom and go back to bed. When I got back upstairs and headed back into bed I realized that the fan (which I use to dull the little noises in the night, otherwise I'll never sleep) was facing his bedroom door and was on high. "Well, that must be it!" I said trying desperately to shake the heebie jeebies that were digging into my gut.

I tried to go back to bed, pulled the blankets up over my head and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to think happy thoughts. Suddenly, I was shaken out of my slumber by bumping noises coming from downstairs. I sat up in bed and listened sharply. One bump.......then two more......a few minutes later, another bump. I got up, went downstairs shaking in my jammies.............but there was nothing.

Getting annoyed and feeling the fear building, I grumbled and headed back up the stairs looking over my shoulder repeatedly. I went back into my room and got back under the blankets. Now my ears were perked, my mind was buzzing and the fear had created a trembling deep inside me.

A little time goes by, my eyes drift shut and I slowly begin to relax. Suddenly, at about 3:37am a very loud rumbling noise came from outside and was shaking the house terribly! I jumped up and ran to the window to see a plow from the city. Apparently, they decided that a dusting of snow required immediate removal.

Now pissed that I was still up and now WIDE awake, I ground my teeth and got back into bed, jamming my legs under the damn blankets and yanking them back up over me. I closed my eyes again and tried desperately to go to sleep. About a half hour went by and I was just starting to drift off, out of the blue, I heard a strange and eerie hissing sound immediately followed by a tiny growl. My heart nearly beat right out of my chest. I jumped up knocking the blankets to the floor. My chest heaved as I couldn't seem to get my breath back. I looked all around the room and back towards my son's room who's door was still open. There was nothing there.

After a long while I decided I was either going nuts or I was calling an Exorcist first thing in the morning.

I finally got to sleep, don't ask me how. But very shortly after that, my alarm went off. It was time to get up.

I got up with a grunt and trudged downstairs to make my coffee. Feeling the pinch of the nights trauma I sipped my coffee rubbing my bloodshot eyes when my son came in.

"Mom, you're never going to believe what happened last night." he says with a look of fear on his face. Thinking to myself, "Oh god, he's gonna say he saw a ghost and we're gonna have to freakin MOVE!" But kept my cool and pretended to be completely unphased.

"What happened?" I asked sipping my coffee, watching the news.

"At about 3:00am I had the worst nightmare!" he began.

I nearly shit my pants. Oh god.......something creepy did happen!

"Yeah?" I answered, cool as a cucumber.

"Well, it scared the crap outta me so I got up and opened my bedroom door cuz I was scared. (He proceeded to tell me the dream)...Then I went back to bed."

I nearly choked on my coffee. "You did?? You opened your door and went back to sleep at 3:00am??" I asked no longer able to keep my cool.

"Yeah." he said now getting his breakfast ready. "And by the way, you really need to get rid of that automatic air freshener in your room. It makes a creepy sound and freaks me out when it goes off at night." he finished then ate breakfast.


I later learned that the bumping noises were from my neighbor who works night shift and parks right next to my house. He was opening and closing his car doors.

I hate myself. LOL!!

Well, the boys been trying to find a way to scare me for years. After hundreds of unsuccessful attempts he finally got me. It may have been unintentional, but he gets the points for this one. LOL!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh the Drama!

I'm back to rant and rave about how CRAZY my week has been.

In case you didn't know this, I don't really like holidays. Quite frankly, I feel like holidays are nothing more than financial and emotional drains. I've spent my whole life draining those two things. So leave me alone when I say, "Ba-humbug!"

So the tree, wreaths, garland and all that other crap got drug up from the basement. Shortly after came all the sneezing and nose blowing. Yup, my basement is NOT as clean as I thought it was. I had to clean my living room at least 6 times. And my cat destroyed 4 more ornaments than last year. AWESOME. To make matters worse, when I put all the lights on the tree, I did it backwards and had to redo the whole thing. *sighs*

A day or so goes by and my son decides he's gonna be an electrician......except an electrician would know how to plug the tree lights in. Do ya think my son took 2 seconds to find the plug hanging at the bottom of the tree and plug it into the extension cord RIGHT NEXT TO IT??? Nope........didn't bother at all. Instead, he decides that he's going to take the extension cord, disconnect 2 sets of lights on the tree and try to plug them both into the extension cord. Only half the tree lit up. When I noticed this, I asked what he did. He said he couldn't figure out how to turn the lights on, so he messed with the lights till he got it. (He's gonna be 13 in a week.) I was NOT impressed.

So to be a good mom and teach the boy a lesson, I say, "Fix it. You messed it up, you fix it. Undo what you did and put it back the way you found it." 4 hours later, he was crying and I lost a patch of hair on the back of my head. *growls*

Eventually, I got mad and yelled at him. "Forget it! I don't know WHY you messed with it in the first place! Now I have to fix your mess, AGAIN!" Then I sent him to bed. (A whole 15 minutes early.....woohoo....*twirls finger in the air*....)

The next morning we got up (at 5:30am while its still dark out) and I get my coffee and sit down while the boy gets ready for school. Suddenly, the boy bursts out of the bathroom and says, "Mom! Look at my face! I can't go to school like this!"

All groggy, I squinted my eyes and tried to see what he was talking about, but it was too dark. So I took him to the bathroom where the light was brighter and I got a better look. His face was covered with tiny red spots! All over his face, neck, shoulders and ears. It was so odd looking. My first thought and words were, "How the hell did you get a hickey on your whole head? Did the Sandman take a plunger to your face?" He didn't think it was funny. "Mom! How am I going to go to school like this??" He panicked, as usual.

I wondered if it was something like the measles. He had the chicken pox twice and he was vaccinated so I guess anythings possible. So, I did what any mom would do, I called the DR and got him in that morning. On the drive there, my son begins his routine 'panic' and asks me his routine 'panic mode questions', "Are they gonna give me a shot?? Are they, mom?? Are they gonna stick me?? Are they, mom??" (This happens every single time. One time I made him an appointment and he asked, I simply didn't answer him and he pinched himself for a week straight to prepare himself for the inevitable poke that he didn't actually get. It was quite the show.) You'd think these types of fears start to fade over time.......nope, not with MY boy. In fact, I'm pretty sure it got worse.

It started badly right off the bat. The nurse tried to take his vitals but his blood pressure was reading so high they had to try it twice with the machine then 2 more times manually. It was absolutely high. Then the DR comes in takes one look and says, "Oh wow. This looks like Petechia. Then she looks in his eyes and says, "Yup, it does. How odd." She checks him all over and asks a battery of questions all that led to nothing. She turned to me and says, "Well, it could either be Petechia or it could be some sort of side affect from a virus he may have. So to be safe I'd like to get some blood work on him."

All the color dropped out of my son's face like water falling off a cliff. He turned a shade of white I haven't seen without bleach, so quickly, I actually got nervous. And I don't get nervous. I'm always in control. The DR ran to his side and  told him to lay down but he was in full fledged panic mode at that point. "WHAT??" he yelled. "BLOOD WORK??" he yelled. Then he began to hyperventilate and burst into tears. The DR listened to his heart, gave me a scary look and ran out of the room. While she was gone, I took that moment to calm the boy down. He got a TINY bit of color back when the DR came back in with smelling salts. "You okay, now?" she asked him. Still crying he answered honestly, "No!"

The DR handed me the blood work order and whispered, "I hope he makes it." Then she left. I scooped up the boy and slowly walked him down the 6.5 flights of stairs (last time I went there I got stuck in the elevator). So like his blood pressure wasn't high enough, now we're doing a workout!

Anyway, he BARELY made it through the blood draw. It took a long while, a seriously patient nurse, lots of orange juice, a few chains, some leather straps, a stick to bite down on and a few shots of whiskey, but it got done.

Once that was over, I realized my son's glasses were missing. Turned out he left them in the DR office. So, with a sheet white young man who's heart rate and blood pressure is through the roof, we ventured back up those 6.5 flights of stairs, got the glasses, then went back down and left.

Before leaving the DR told me that the test only takes 3 hours so she would call me later. Being a mom with a child who already has disabilities, I began to get nervous. So I looked up Petechia and was not okay with what I found. It's mostly found (apparently) in people with things like cancer or Leukemia, immune disorders. I bit my nails as it took far longer than 3 hours for the phone to ring. Finally, after hours of panic from both of us, she called and said all was normal.

My son in passing (while we were at the DR office that day) mentioned that he was upset the night before and to let it out he held his breath. The DR, who was now on the phone said, "You know how he said he held his breath cuz he was mad last night?" I said yeah. She said, "Well, I've never actually seen it happen before but if he did it really hard, for a long enough time, he COULD have popped all the blood vessels in his head. We'll find out when you bring him in tomorrow."

At that we got off the phone and I looked at my son and said, "If all this is happening just because you had a temper tantrum, I may actually kill you." He laughed. *sighs*

Long story short, we went back to the DR's office today and since the boy's face looks MUCH better today, she burst out laughing.

"That was it, wasn't it? He imploded?" I asked shaking my head.
"Yup!" she said looking him over thoroughly. The DR laughed hysterically. "I've never actually seen that before!" she laughed. "Don't do that again!" she said to my son.
"I promise, I will NEVER do that again!" he said. And we were on our way.

If you ever for a moment think my life is easy.........just, slap yourself........right across the face. Twice if need be. This drama may actually kill me.


Monday, November 18, 2013

And The Award Goes To....

So many things to talk about, so little time.

I recently published another book (hoorah!) and I'm currently working 2 day jobs. I've been working for 2 weeks straight, no breaks and I'm working through the rest of this week. I seem to have come down with a cold and my son has decided to challenge my every parenting skill.

I worry every day about everything from moving in with my boyfriend to my son's success to my future as a writer. I should be sleeping right now, but instead I find myself reading one of my very good friend's manuscripts. She, Christy Brown, happens to be an amazing writer. I don't know if she realizes it or not but in all my years there have only been 2 authors that made me look forward to reading, she is one of them.

She recently accepted and won one of my challenges on Twitter. I challenged everyone to post their high school picture as their avi for a whole week. She was a brave soul! LOL!! And because of her bravery, everyone got to know her a little better and she won a free copy of my new paperback novel, 'Hostage'. Congratulations!

Her first book was written rather quickly and might I add semi-inspired by yours truly. It's called 'Deathly Revenge' by Christina Brown. You can find it here: I encourage you to have a read. It truly does make you turn the page.

She is an amazing writer. I can't stress that enough. It pains me that she hasn't written more in all these years. I recently 'pressured' her to get me another manuscript and before I knew it, vwallah! There it was in my inbox. I printed it out and gave it it's own binder and everything. Now I'm wondering what to do. Should I just read it and tell her she did a wonderful job? Should I offer to help her publish it? What should one do when they see greatness and know it is something the world needs to see, but the creator waves it off as nothing more than scribblings?

I suppose I will simply do everything I can to support her, advise her and tell the world LOUDLY how wonderful she is, not only as a writer but as a person, too.

So solute Christy! Cheers to you my friend. I will tell the world, you are wonderful and talented and no one will ever say less. :)

I'm working on it dear!

So to you, Christy Brown, I award the 'BEST WRITING FRIEND' Award. Thank you for all your efforts, work, support and friendship. You deserve more......

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Blog

I saw this today in the parking lot of Home Depot (or as my boss would say, Home Cheapo) and all I could think was, 'They have great taste but I'd never hire them!' LOL!!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Epiphany

I think the bulk of my existance has been much of a plague up until the most recent years of my life. Having said that, I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason be a good one or even worth it is another story.

I spent years wondering why I had to suffer and upon that I knew deep inside that I was meant for greatness. I cannot say for what greatness I am worth as my life is not over yet.

Many years of wonder and strength seem to have led me to be what/who I am today. Not a monster, like most had predicted. Not corrupt, like everyone had hoped. My scars still show, but only those who look for them will see them. And if you are one who looks, you see with dark eyes.

I no longer wish to see with those dark eyes. I choose to live in the light. And those who live in the light see things as they really are, without a vail, clean and pure. Where the darkness sees scars, the light sees healing, pink flesh alive and thriving.

It took a very long while to see the light. And I have someone to thank for my lesson. This lesson was and is very important as is its teacher. Love is the lesson and the man who opened my heart is my teacher. I don't think of this 'note' as being a love letter. I think of it as an epiphany. This is my epiphany.

What is life without love? Can you imagine it? Try for a moment. No love of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, our children, husbands or wives.........imagine it. When you close your eyes and imagine them all gone.....or worse, still there only without love or compassion for you, how do you feel? For me, my chest feels empty, yet heavy. Like I'm being pressed down into the dirt. My heart feels hollow and sick. My stomach aches and the sun's rays seem dim and gloomy. The air feels heavy and smells stagnant and musty. My feet feel heavy, like weights trying to hold me down.

How does it make you feel?

*pauses, letting the moment sink in*

I lived feeling that way for years. I admit many thoughts of ending the pressure of existence weighed on me much like that feeling, the entire time. But that heaviness, that weight, it made me strong. I didn't know it really. But when the light shined on me for the first time, that weight had lifted and I suddenly became breathlessly aware of my strength. Its like having a million balloons tied to you, but concrete enslaves your feet while you suffer for air at the bottom of a cold, dark lake, only to have the concrete break and the balloons bring you crashing to the surface to find its sunny and warm outside of the water.

My lungs filled with air like I was breathing for the first time. My heart sang so loud I was nearly embarrassed that the whole world would hear it.

My teacher, my love makes all of my days light and warm. Even in the coldest of winters, I am warm. This lesson I've learned is that everything happens for a reason. Everything has its time. Whenever one door closes, another opens. Whenever the sun goes down, the moon takes its place. Even as there is still darkness in the world, its what we choose to see that matters.

I choose to recognise that there is just as much pure love in this world as there is evil. I choose to believe that even if in the most minuscule way, kindness is recognised and has an absolute affect on everyone and everything.

I thank my teacher, my love for his patience and ability to recognise my willingness to learn. To recognise my ability to change. For my efforts will never stop. I will never give up on being a better person. I promise to be the best person I can be until my last dying breath. I promise never to accept anything as 'good enough'. I promise I will never be blind to the light of love, ever again, for your love and patience has shown me that its worth a lifetime of trying.

I will never give up, because life is worth it. Love is worth it.

I love and thank you, Brian.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are you safe at work?

I have been going on and on about how horrible the city of Springfield is here in Massachusetts. I have good reason to. Its just the most horrendous place I've ever been in my life!

As some of you may already know, about a month ago, my car was broken into at work. In case you don't know what I do for a living, I'm a PCA (Personal Care Assistant) I take care of quadriplegic people in their homes. This particular home is rather large with an equally large yard with 2.....yes 2, driveways.

 I was parked behind the house, as usual and right in broad daylight, in the 2 hours my eyes were off my car, someone broke into it. Smashed the window, stole my stuff, ransacked the vehicle, even left several blood stains on the upholstery (which wont come out) and on the console.

There was also a car right next to mine that got broken into as well. To make a long story short, apparently about 4 days later the destructive, sticky fingered little prick who broke into the cars got caught and thrown in jail for the break ins of at least 32 different cars that the police knew of in the area.

For the most part, over the last few weeks things had quieted down a bit. That is until 2 days ago. I was at work just on my way out for the day and my boss's son told us that he was upset because he was trying to weed whack the tree belt only moments prior when he put the weed whacker down for a minute to pick up some trash and all of a sudden, a mini van pulled up, a woman opened the sliding door of the van and reached out to try and steal the weed whacker sitting only a few feet from my boss's son (while the van was still moving) ! He immediately jumped up and began screaming at her at which point the van sped off without the weed whacker.

Well, like this wasn't bad enough. A couple days ago, my boss's wife's van got broken into, ransacked and so on. Then we find out the neighbor across the street also got his truck broken into. THEN.......yes it gets better.....we find out that the day prior, a lady who lives down the street was taking a shower one morning before work and while she was in the shower, her house was broken into and all her valuables were stolen right out from under her nose! Before her shower, all is normal, after shower, everything's GONE!! TV, stereo, laptop, jewelry, furniture........WTF???? They must have had a truck waiting right outside!

While my boss is telling me all this today, we were working outside and I happened to round the corner of the house and found a milk crate over turned in the landscaping right under the kitchen window. Someone had used it to try and break into the house! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????

Honestly.......*slumps and shakes head*........I just........I just don't feel comfortable at work anymore. They knew how dangerous the city was, but they chose to live there anyway. I wasn't the one who wanted to live there. I don't think I should feel so tied to the city. I want to quit my job.

I'm heart broken. I've been working for that man for 8 years now. Day in and day out. And I just don't feel safe there anymore. I think I have to find a new job. I just cant risk my belongings, my safety, the safety of my son.....I just cant. *sniffs*

Its a sad day......shit, its a sad world.

For all  you little bastard hoodlums who cant keep your filthy little fucking hands to yourselves.....I'm gonna get you. I wont call the cops.......I'll teach you......the hard way. You only have two hands. That means you only have 2 chances. After that........I just have a comedy show watching you TRY to steal my shit.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is YOUR pet thinking?

I heard an interesting story on a day time TV show yesterday, and I haven,t been able to stop thinking about it. It made me laugh so hard I had to tell several other people the story...........they didn't think it was funny. LOL!!

So this woman who was a Pet Psychic got a phone call one day from a man who was very concerned about his pet Python. The man said he thought the snake was sick and wanted the woman to read it's mind and find out what was wrong.

The Psychic, thanking God this was a PHONE reading, connected psychically with the snake. After a moment, she made a face of both shock and disgust and she says, "Sir, do you sleep with your snake?" In her mind she could see that the man had raised the snake for many years and felt comfortable with it. She could also see the snake coming up under the sheets and slithering up along side of him at night.

"Yes." the man answered. "That's why I think he's sick. He doesn't usually do that."

"No......he's not sick." The Psychic said pausing, trying to find a way to explain it. "He's sizing you up." she finally said, not knowing how to say it any other way.

"What?" the man asked confused.

"Sir, your snake is sizing you up. You know, to see if you fit." she said in a more serious tone. "It's time for you to get rid of the snake, sir. He's......he's......well, he's gonna eat you!" she finally said.

They finished their conversation and ended the call. A couple weeks later the Psychic got a phone call from the same man.

"What can I do for you, sir?" she asked politely, happy to hear he was still alive.

"Well, I just thought I'd let you know that after our phone conversation I wasn't sure what to think. You know, psychics? I just wasn't sure, and I'd raised the snake all it's life so it just seemed that we had a connection. Anyway, I called a vet and told her the same thing I told were right. She actually screamed at me over the phone and told me to 'Get out of the house! NOW!' So I got rid of the snake.

The Pet Psychic was simply happy to be validated by someone with a doctorate. LOL!!

I think, for me, the point of the story was more to do with knowing your ANIMAL's rather than knowing your PETS.

I recently had a conversation with my son about cats and dogs and the differences there are in caring for them. Cats are more independent as in their roots, cats in general are a family linked specie (meaning they typically live out most of their lives with their cat family) or they live alone. And dogs are pack species. All K-9 species are pack animals. They ONLY know how to live in packs. The only time you usually see any K-9 alone in the wild is if its sick or had just been kicked out of its pack. Its typically a bad time for the K-9 as they depend entirely on their pack for survival.

Anyway, I'm getting off point is all animals are different and if you plan on having a pet you should really study that specie and its particular breed before making the commitment.

The man in this story had raised the snake since it was a baby. He was very used to it and comfortable with it and had grown emotionally attached to it. What he failed to realize is that reptiles and amphibians do NOT have emotions. all. They are a specie created for one purpose only.........population control. They have work to do. They have to eat other living species and create waste to give back to earth what it has taken. That's it. They have only the most basic of instincts: Eat, breed and survive.

So there was no way that snake was sleeping with him to feel better. Laying lengthwise along side him was strictly to see if his body was going to fit inside the snake's. No ifs ands or buts about it. He's lucky he survived.

How lucky are you? What's your pet thinking?

Is your dog left alone a lot? Is it acting all crazy and attention starved whenever you get near? Well, it's because it's a PACK animal and you keep leaving it alone! STOP IT!

Is your cat constantly meowing at you? Chasing you around? It's because it needs something! Check the litter box, the food and water. Chances are, that's it! Keep them clean! Cats are one of the cleanest specie of animal in the world! Help them stay that way!

Is your fish suddenly acting sluggish and looking odd in color or texture shortly after you took out that last dead fish? Its not because it's sad and misses it's friend. It's because you waited too long to take the dead one out and it's now contaminated the water! Clean the tank and medicate your fish!

And for goodness sake!!! If your snake is trying to 'sleep with you',  RUN LIKE HELL!!!! LMAO!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

When You Wish Upon A Star

My son recently asked me about girls. How can he get them, what do women want (lmao), what would I look for in a man.....and so forth. 

My response to his questions was, in the beginning, simple. I said, "Everyone is different. I really can't tell you what to do to win anyone over. All I can tell you as a woman is, be yourself. When you try too hard to be something you're not, you're just setting yourself up for failure." 

He was not entirely satisfied by this answer and pressed me farther. "What do you see in Brian?" He asked me. (FYI: Brian is my BF)

I laughed and said, "What? What do you mean?" 

He said, "You love Brian, right? Why? Should I be more like him?" 

It was adorable, really. Not that he was trying to impress ME of course. He just seemed to think that if a man is good enough for his stubborn, picky, headstrong but amazing mom, then that's probably what all other wonderful women would want. ;) 

I just laughed and shook my head. "Well,  that's different." I said, waving my hand at him. "Just be yourself and you'll wind up with the perfect girl for you."

At that the conversation ended. As my son wondered away to play I began to wander, "Why was it different? Why was my meeting Brian and falling in love different?" 

The answer came quickly and without question. He was a gift. Ask, and you shall receive. Not just pretty or tempting words. It's really true. You just have to know how to ask. (And it helps if you've earned what you ask for.) 

I'm not a religious woman. I don't go to church, I don't practice in my spare time and to be perfectly honest, I was never baptized. In my few visits to church, in my life time, I learned a crude reality. Those who confess and repent regularly, are far more likely to go to prison than anyone else. So I keep my ideals and faith to myself.

But.... I have lived through a great many trials in my life. And with those trials came hope. Once hope took its place in my heart, faith followed. 

Skipping ahead I will say this, I have spoken to God (or whatever you'd like to call it) and in these 'chats' I explain how I feel and why. Having planted that seed I explain what I want in return. 

I often feel like I'm begging. I'm at my darkest moments when I simply can't go on, and I spill my guts. I'll go outside, look up at the sky, the tree tops, the stars and KNOWING he's there waiting to hear me, I'll explain, "This is what's happened, God. This is what's happened to me as a result. This is how I feel. This is what I'm afraid will happen if I continue on this path. This is what I know I need to survive.......(then I break down and cry......and beg) Please help me, God. Please." 

That's kind of what I did just before Brian came along. I explained exactly what I needed and why. 

It's kind of funny the way it came about. Brian asked me through a friend (I'm not easy to get access to in any way) if I'd go out to dinner....lunch.....or even just coffee or ice cream with him. 

I'd sigh......say, I don't know and let the idea kind of mull around in my head for a while. A little time would go by and my friend would say, "You know, you should give him a shot." And again I'd say, "I don't  know." And I'd think about it for weeks.....months.....before I knew it a whole year had gone by. 

In the meantime I'm still begging God for help to no avail, or so it seemed. 

It wasn't until Thanksgiving night (the following year) that I realized, God answered me. He was dangling the carrot in front my stupid, jack ass face for a year and I didn't even realize it! 

So that was it. I knew. And I bit. Brian was the gift I earned for a life time of pain and agony. He's everything I asked for. Everything. (And believe me, I was specific.) 

So that's why I couldn't answer my own son. I never thought myself worthy of a normal 'boy meets girl' relationship. But I'm apparently worthy of a gift from God. (Laughs) Boy I'll tell ya, God really does have a sense of humor. Lol!! 

Wow.......what do I tell my son now? Lol!! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Business Blunders

I normally don't like to talk about this kind of stuff on my blog because, well, its just too damn serious. But there are realities in our society that just astound me. We live in the 'Land of the Free' and yet our own government and even stronger sources such as Corporate Giants have managed to take it all away in one fell swoop.

I'm learning a lot working closely with people who own and operate their own businesses and I must say, I feel so bad for them. They work so hard to make a living and no matter how successful they are at what they do, the government or other larger businesses find a way to take everything away from them.

It seems to me that with all the trouble these businesses owners get for their success, they may have to close shop in order to survive. Since when does closing down your business become more lucrative than running it??

What do I mean? How could they possibly make more money closing shop than running it? Well, I'll tell you. Take a restaurant for example. You have food to buy, which is more expensive now than ever. You have employees to pay. Even when they don't show up, even if they are the world's worst workers, you have to pay them. Yes, its true. If you hire someone who turns out to be a slacker, drug dealer, excessive break taker, trouble maker, fighter, destructive or whatever, you still have to pay them. If you decide to fire them, the government forces you to continue paying them their wages until they find another job (which is not capped so they can basically live off of your money forever without finding more work. Or worse, they do find more work but don't report it to the workforce council and then they make out like bandits earning money from their current job while still collecting from their last job.) And if you try to be smart, *taps head*, and keep them as employees but make their life myserable until they quit, you can and probably will be sued for harrassment.

Senseless? I know. You don't have to tell me.

How about insurance? Do you have any idea how many different kinds of insurance you have to have? My gosh! Its criminal! Really, it is! There's property insurance, medical insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, car insurance, and I'm pretty sure there's a few more that I can't think of right now. *bangs head on desk*


Here's another one. Anyone ever hear of a Merchants Fee? This is what you, as the business owner, must pay to credit card companies for excepting payments on their cards. Yup, that's right. Crazy, isn't it? And the more extravagant the card (whether it offers its users points, gifts or rewards) the higher the fee is for the business owner to pay. That credit card company has to make their money back somehow. You really think just getting more card holders will do it? *laughs* Nope. They take it from the little guy, YOU, the business owner.

And don't even get me STARTED on taxes! There's a tax for EVERYTHING!!! Omg, this is why my state is nicknamed 'Taxachusetts'. Take a hint people!

Our President promised help for the middle class people, for the small business owners. Instead, all they got was more bills, higher insurance rates, laws that force all these things on them and outrageous fees for their troubles. Meanwhile, the big boys (banks, insurance companies and pharmacutical companies) find loop holes to get out of helping you because even when the President wags a finger at them and says, "You must offer them help." He never put any laws into place forcing them to do so. So.......they find a way out of it, making the consumers life a living hell in the process.

Doesn't anyone know that if you don't design rules and regulations for insurance companies they are free to charge whatever they want and drop whomever they want? Especially since its now the LAW that we all MUST have insurance. Its like being chained and shackled to one thing that kill you at any given moment for any given reason. Not only is this not smart, but its not even logical.

Its seems to me that our government has set us up for failure. What they refuse to recognise is that its the middle class workforce that supports the life and blood of this country. So when the Corporate Giants take over and bury the President and Congress, all hell will break loose.

What do you suppose will  happen when all the small businesses close? When the middle class is so backed up in debt that the government forced upon them because of something some OTHER companies did? What do you think will happen? Middle class will all be unemployed, people will be forced out of their own homes, food will become scarce, hospitals will no longer accept them without insurance........


And Civil War never ends well.

So, in a nutshell, selling the business to someone bigger (financially) which is what we all like to call 'selling out' these business owners would make more money on that sale than they ever did operating the business. And with real estate being as shitty as it is right now, that's not saying much at all is it?

I wish those who run our country were smarter. I wish those who make more money than all the countries combined shared with those in need. I wish common sense were more common. This is a failing country, and all because of simple stupidity and greed. Congratulations, America. You've finally made the most hated country list. Even your own citizens are turning against you. Smarten up........I beg you.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We All Have a Little Story to Tell

Sometimes you have to look at things with rose colored glasses just to lighten the picture a bit. I recently asked you to tell me a short but interesting story about anything, really, that's happened to you. 

I've gotten a few and loved em all. My example to you was this: 

I once worked for a pizza joint. I ran the place during the day. When the boss noticed how good business was getting she instantly demanded all my daily tips. Told me it was HER food in HER restaurant so the tips belonged to her. Lol! I quit shortly thereafter. 

Here are some of your stories: 

The best I can do is the guy that came into my workplace in a open gauzy shirt and his wife's pink rayon jogging shorts with pretty obviously no undies under them. Not to mention the white clogs.This was after having seen him in what were definitely office clothes. I guess when some people go to camp they really let their hair down cause his was blowing in the breeze. And then the was the hiker in the kilt..... ~Peg Dolan 

i was working for a pharmacy we had one lady get a perscription for controception jelly so she whould not get pregnant after 1 month of perscribing this she came in and started yelling at me she says i been taking my jelly every morning on my toast and im pregnant you perscribed me somthing that dont work i said no lady you did not follow the directions its not for consumption lol so now because we have some bright cookies out there every thing is extremly specific on the labels. ~Rebecca Adete

I had taken my horse out of his stall to take him outside. I had a 1 ltr bottle of water that I was drinking from in one hand. He had not had a bath since I've owned him, so I wanted to see how he'd react to a little drizzle of water down his side (it was hot out). I only poured a little bit, and he proceeded to trot in a little circle around me. When I stopped him, he rubbed his nose on my cheek. I put his rope in the same hand that my water bottle was in and wiped my cheek. Not thinking, I went to take a sip from the bottle, using the same hand that I was holding the rope with. The second I put the bottle to my lips, he jerked his head away, causing me to spill water down my chin and on the front of my shirt!! He got me back! Lol! ~ Tina Martin Kouhoupt

How about how I was fired for posting of facebook that two teachers were working very, very hard and that I loved my job?  Somehow I broke confidentiality rules.  I know...I really need to get over it!! ~Tamara Lynn

I was recently amazed by a friend of mine. I invited her and her husband over for dinner. My son was upset and had been looking for his lost house key all afternoon. So my friend, who happens to be a wicken, said, "Walk counter clockwise in a circle stomping your feet and yelling, I want my key back! Once you finish walking in a circle, stomp your feet one last time and yell as loud as you can, I want my key back NOW!" My son was beyond skeptical, looking at me and mumbling, "I'm not doing that." My friend, however, made him do it, even as he dragged his feet and rolled his eyes. He quickly took his leave. We all chuckled a bit and began chatting again. Suddenly, I hear my son yell out, "I got it! I got it! I found my key!" We sat there slack jawed as my friend just grinned knowingly. :) ~Kara

Anyone else have a story to tell? 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

From a Deaf Mouth to Loud Ears

From a Deaf Mouth to Loud Ears
This I write for the one who speaks too much and listens too little, the one who fails his math class and forgets to turn in his homework. This is to the one who wears his socks 5 days in a row. It’s to the one who always forgets to do what he’s asked but always remembers to play all day. This is to the boy who makes my hair gray, who makes my wine glass full and who leaves rocks in his pockets on laundry day.  This is to the boy who uses sarcasm as humor but forgets to laugh. This is to the one who knows nothing but pretends he knows everything. This is to the one who STILL doesn’t know where anything is in the house. It’s to the one who uses the cabinets for ninja knife throwing practice. This is to the one who slides down the stairs on his butt till his pants wear out. It’s for the one who miraculously leaves finger prints on the ceiling and whose heels never touch the floor. This is to the mocking bird that mimics all the wrong things. This is to the boy who questions all the insignificant details of the most insignificant things.
I love you.
Do you know why? My guess is no. And it’s my own fault. I spend so much time telling you what you’re doing wrong, that I forget to tell you what you’re doing right. All mom’s love their sons. But, that’s just genetics at their best. I love you and always will, because you are my son. I’ve told you that many times. But I forgot to tell you about all the other reasons why I love you. For that, I’m sorry. I’ve never been much of a speaker, so here I put it on paper, in black and white for you to read as often or as little as you wish.
I love you.
I love you because you have a rare and surprising kindness about you. A kindness that makes the sky turn gold all around you, everywhere you go. It’s a kindness that emanates off of you like heat or an odor that is most pleasing. I love you because you make people smile everywhere you go. You smile every day and that is contagious. People will always want to be with you because of that smile. I love you because no matter how bad the world around you gets, you stay strong, you stay positive and that gives people hope. Hope is hard to come by, so for that I’m grateful. I love you because no matter how hard I am on you, you still love me unconditionally. I love you because you try harder to succeed than even the most successful adult I’ve ever known. I love you because you have a wonderful sense of humor. The ability to laugh in the face of seriousness, it’s the most powerful tool you could ever have.  I love you because you don’t get embarrassed easily, and if you do, you don’t show it. That I admire. I love you because you are often right when you correct me. I love you because you’ve never been afraid of the boogie man. I love you because you finally sleep through the night. I love you because you use your deodorant every day. I love you because you always follow the rules. I love you because even when I’m not around you still try to do everything that I would make you do if I were there. I love you because you’re finally potty trained. I love you because you always ask me if I’m okay. I love you because even as you allowed me to stop kissing you and tucking you in at night, you still say, “I love you” before you go to bed every single night. I love you because no matter how bad I yell at you or punish you, you always find a way to strike up conversation or make jokes within minutes after. I love you because you wash your hands a lot. I love you because you can remember things no one would ever remember. I love you because even when your friends encourage you to do bad things, you say, “No, my mom will get mad.”  I love you because you worry about me. I love you because you try to break up fights, be the peacemaker. I love you because you understand the love and respect that comes with ‘family’.  I love you because you’re not afraid to try new things. I love you because you challenge the things that scare you. I love you because of how honest you are with me. I love that you tell me when something is wrong. I love when you tell me how you feel. I love when you tell me why you’re upset. I love when you talk to me about girls. I love that you have a best friend. I love that even though you don’t like the idea of change as radical as moving in with my boyfriend, you’re still willing to do it if it makes me happy. I love how happy you are when you finally figure out how to do a math problem. I love the way you shine around all the right people. I love the way you care about my clients. I love the way you’re always willing to help. I love the way you sleep all balled up in the corner. I love the cow lick in your hair that you never seem to notice. I love your sense of responsibility. I love that you try even when you know you won’t succeed.  I love you because you’re a city boy. I love that we butt heads as country girl-vs-city boy. I love that when you ran up the cell phone bill and I scolded you for it, you never did it again. I love the way you’re adapting to independence. I love how sweet you are with our cat, Shiloh. I love how much you love to ride your bike. I love how you protest hunting because it breaks your heart.  I love that you refuse to use live bait for fishing because you can’t stand putting the worms through so much pain. I love that you’re finally eating. I love it when you hug me. I love that you never beg me for things when we go shopping. I love that you think you’re too old for things. I love the way you handled the truth about Santa Clause…..and the tooth fairy…..and the Easter Bunny.
I love you. No matter what happens. No matter how mad I get, I love you. You are wonderful and you need to know that. You will make the world a better place. You are my shining star. You will definitely leave a print on this world. It will always remember you.
The fact of the matter is…..I love you. I can name many more things, many more reasons why, but I think I’ve said all I need to. I’m sorry I don’t say it more.
It must be because of the way I was raised, but excuses make no matter. I’m sorry. All parents should tell their children why they love them every day. So I’m writing this for you……and hope you accept my apology for never saying it before. Please remember this every day…..
I’m proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just for being you.
To my son, Jacob, I love you.

No Love, Just War

Like I don't have enough on my plate. About a year ago I finally made the very wise decision to delete the last broken puzzle piece from my life.

I don't have a relationship with my sister. For as long as I can remember we have been enemies. Unfortunately for me, I have a very big heart and have always had a soft spot in it for my family. Not that they deserved it. My sister, being the devil himself, played my strings like the finest tune. All my life she's been completely HORRIBLE!!! And I'm not just saying that as a typical sibling. She's thrown me down flights of stairs. She's knocked my teeth out. She's taken everything I own about 3 times and sold it for pot and cigarettes. She's pushed me into oncoming traffic. She's blackened my eyes. She killed my dogs. She killed my cats. She's threatened my friends in the worst ways.......all because once I was born the attention wasn't all on her anymore. So ever since day one she's done everything in her power to ruin my life and hurt me, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. (Turns out she's just like my mother.) She's even gone to jail a few times for some of these things.

I now understand that she has some serious mental problems (probably something like psychopathy) and she should really be locked up in a padded room, as its the only true way to keep everyone around her safe. And I understand that when mental illness is involved its not the person themselves to blame. Its a sickness, I get that. But when you're constantly the victim to a person like this, you have to find a way to make it stop, either by leaving or by bullets, you just have to do something. I chose to leave.

And yet, when I tell her from my mouth to her ears, "I'm not going to take this anymore. I should have done this a long time ago. I'm cutting you out of my life. Enjoy being a part of the castaways. Goodbye." she still doesn't get the hint. I haven't spoken to her since I said those words, about a year ago. She's tried to call me several times thinking if she blocks the number I might answer. I never do. She's even sent me a Christmas card, which she never does. Giving something to someone else without being asked or forced is not in her nature. I threw it out. I know bait when I see it.

This is how she works, she causes me all the pain in the world she can possibly think of, making me crazy mad! Then I tell her to "Fuck off" and I don't speak to her for months....sometimes years. But then she winds up broke and on her ass again. Then a holiday or her birthday will float around and she'll do whatever she can to get back into my good graces.

"I'm sorry, Kara! I swear, I've changed! So much has happened since the last time we talked. I promise, I'll never hurt you again." she'll beg. Then I'll feel bad and just in time for the holidays. So I'll send her gifts. But funny enough, she doesn't like them. Or the clothes don't fit, even though they're the exact size she told me she wears. Or she suddenly doesn't paint her nails or use makeup anymore. She'll make up all kinds of excuses why I should have just sent her cash. I fell for that a couple times just to have her LIE and tell me that she never got it, in hopes I'll send her more. Then of course a big fight follows and we don't speak again until the next celebratory event happens of which she demands money or gifts. And if I don't send her anything she'll call me up and YELL at me! She cries and tells me I'm being selfish because I have a job and she doesn't so I have more money than she does and its not fair that I don't give her some. She's had one job in her whole fucking life and it only lasted a couple weeks because she ROBBED HER BOSS!!!! She went to prison for a year for that!

Now she uses the excuse that no one will give her job. Well its because she robs everyone who tries to help her! And its because she's a 3 time felon!! She brought this life upon herself and yet she tries to make ME out to be the bad guy for not wanting to give her my paychecks!!

No matter what I've done for her, its never enough and she still despises every breath I take. Well, after a year of my quiet life, I get a text message from one of her ex boyfriends telling me that the reason she's been trying to get in touch with me is because she's getting married in July.

What's this, her FOURTH marriage??????

Does she really think I give a shit? See? See that? She WANTS MONEY!!!!! And even though I wont speak to her and haven't in a year, she's STILL trying to worm her way back into my life so that she can take MORE from me until she squeezes the soul right out of its shell!! FUCK THAT!!

I hate her. I'm sorry, if you don't like that, I don't really give a shit. There's only so much a person can take before they turn on you. I hate her. She can rot in hell with ALL of her husbands and she can take the rest of my disgusting family with her.


To anyone out there reading this who has been drop kicked, beaten and spit on by someone you love........take a hint.......LET THEM GO!!!!! They obviously don't love or care about you. Even if its a relative, if they treat you terribly when you've done nothing wrong......LEAVE!!! Cut them out of your life and let the sun shine on you for once! Never let anyone, no matter WHO they are, cut you down. Live free! Take your life back! Shine on!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Always Room for Improvement

For as long as I can remember, I've taken long strides on short legs to be a better person. As most of you already know I didn't have the best up bringing. So growing up seeing the worst in people made me hope and pray that I would never be like them. I didn't want to be an ugly person. So I've always made the effort to find my own faults and do my very best to actively and consciously fix them.

I realize that this seems a little ridiculous or maybe something a 'goody two shoes' would say but that it wouldn't actually be true. Well, since I realize that, I've looked inside to see if that were true or not for me. Fortunately, its not. So I continue on as best as I can.

There have been times when my not so perfect personality and character has gotten in the way of further improvement. But that just means I'm human. I'm not perfect and never will be. So I actually find those moments of fault enlightening.

For a while now......about 7 years......I stopped working on my faults. I grew comfortable with who I was and decided somewhere in the back of my mind that I was fine. And over the years I had gone through some changes in my life that kind of solidified my choices and character. I basically decided to forget the concept of having a man in my life. I had raised a child by myself from day 1 so the entire idea of adding a man to the mix seemed to be.......too late.....I suppose. So I threw that out the window and concentrated all my energy on my son and my work.

I wound up working 7 days a week for several years. I even brought my son to work with me on the weekends. So every waking moment of my life was spent being a mother and an employee. This left me with no time for friends (which I lost) and of course zero time to socialize, so I never made anymore friends. After many years I built myself a life of constancy and loneliness. I felt like a robot, without any real purpose.

It wasn't until recently that I realized I lost something. I lost myself. I lost my freedom to accept change. And now, more than ever, I need that back. I need to accept change no matter how big or small, and I need it now because change is coming whether I like it or not.

Unfortunately, if I cannot find a way to dust off my old 'self help' skills, I may lose the very thing I need to be me, the very thing I need to survive this crazy world.

I've known for a while now that it was coming. I've been driving myself crazy over stupid little things because those things did not fall within the four walls of my acceptance. I have created rules and regulations in strict categories to keep my life on track, and I like a soldier, I had excepted my duties and never strayed.

  • No smoking, drinking or drugs allowed in or around my home.
  • All bills must be paid on time.
  • Son must attend school every day, no exceptions.
  • I must attend work every day, no exceptions.
  • There is no such thing as sick days.
  • No phone calls after 8pm.
  • Always be home by 5pm.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are at 7, 12 and 5. No exceptions.
  • Son in bed by 8pm, Mom in bed by 10pm.
  • Cat gets fed twice a day, dry in the morning, wet at 5pm.
  • Laundry gets done twice a week.
....and son on.

This is the way its been for many years. But I've made a change in my life. A year ago I began dating the man I'm with now. This has not been easy. I found that my son was not as willing to share his mom as I thought he'd be. I found myself taking weekends off to spend more time with my boyfriend. I've found myself driving home in the dark on many occasions. I found myself slacking off on my house work and laundry. I found out that compromise is necessary, now more than ever.

No matter how hard it gets, I have more specifically found one thing I never thought I'd find......Love. So I find myself in a position that i'm not used to. I cant run away. I cant hide. I have to stick it out. Why? Because its worth it.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been making myself crazy over little things. They may be little things, but because I'm set in my ways, they torment me like you wouldn't believe. Some of the 'beliefs' my boyfriend has leads him to carry his life in a certain direction. I may not have the same beliefs about things, so I find myself treading on new soils. These old feet don't recognise these new soils and it occasionally causes blisters. But I feel that if I'm strong enough to keep going, my poor little feet will grow accustomed to this change and they will blister no more.

But some of those blisters can get quite big and painful sometimes. This scares me a great deal. I know that it will eventually go away, but the fear still sits in my chest just waiting for an infection to form. That's a very negative thought, I know. But its still true.

To put things plainly, my next challenge is moving in with my boyfriend. I've officially decided to wait another year, just in case, but as a woman, I look forward. I plan ahead. And every time I think about this change, I get scared to death. I've NEVER lived under someone else's roof as an adult. Even as a child, when I had, it was horrible. I was still a child when I got my first apartment. Living with other people has always been VERY bad for me. So as an adult, I'm very scared that if I make such a drastic change, it will fail and I will have to start all over again.

I used to have this vision in my mind of what life would be like if I ever got married (not that I ever wanted to) but this vision was: I'd be with a man who was my equal. In other words, we would both be facing the same challenges. We would either get an apartment or buy a house together. Together meaning, 50/50. I'd pay half, he'd pay half. It would be ours......together.....equally. Everything we said or did would be the same. We would compromise and talk out any disagreements in a calm and rational manner. If there were kids involved, we would come up with a list of rules and responsibilities that we would equally apply and uphold.

This vision has officially been shattered. LOL!!

I'm no fool. I know life isn't perfect or picturesque, but I'd always hoped I'd at least come close. LOL! My boyfriend has a son. He lets his son do things or not do things that I would NEVER in a million years allow my son to do or not do.

My boyfriend is buying his own house as I write himself....without me or my money....without my 50% of anything.

My boyfriend has a big dog in a tiny apartment and he NEVER takes him outside to play so the dog is now a nightmare! Not to mention, FAT.

See? Little things. Its really not a big deal. Most people are in relationships facing severe challenges and mustering through them every day. These are little things (and the only things, I might add) that make me CRAZY!!! And every time I start grinding my teeth or getting red in the face I actively remove myself from the situation and try to think it through rationally. Did I say the wrong things? Is he right about that? Could I have said that differently? Should I have said anything at all? Did he consider my feelings before he did that? Does this matter to him at all? Will he ever understand where I'm coming from? SHOULD he have to understand or am I supposed to let it go?

See? Crazy. LOL!!

All in all, I know with absolute certainty that if we take that extra step it will require compromise on both sides. I also know that I have more work to do than anyone else. This will be the hardest thing I've ever had to do.......give up control. Compromise and control don't mix. So this will be a hell of a challenge. But I recognise this and that alone makes me happy. It means I didn't lose my freedom to choose. I didn't lose my dusty old gift. I just need to start practicing. Whether or not I can apply it successfully in a year........*takes a deep, nervous breath*......only time will tell.

But here's what I do know......If we do this, and I manage to muster through the challenge, it will change my life forever. This is the ulitmate challenge for me because I've always feared that I was always going to have to be alone. I feared that my life and upbringing had it written in stone that I simply would not be able to live with anyone and that I would always have to remain alone in order to be safe and happy. Now I know that stones can be broken, just like bad habbits. So if I can beat this.........I have a lifetime of this to look forward to........

Honey, if you read this.......................I'm sorry. LOL!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Controversy In Your Eye

Today I thought I'd talk about religion......sort of.

I'm not a religious person. I don't practice any type of religion. I don't go to church. I don't watch those nutty religious shows on TV and I NEVER preach to anyone, ever.


I have had a long and trying life. I have spent every waking moment of my life facing challenges in ways most people would never be able to conceive. Along the way, there have been many times when I was forced to face some demons. They are awful little creatures who like to tear you apart from the inside. They try to make you do things, say things and be something you were never supposed to. They try to change you. Those invisible beasts sneak inside you and grab a hold of your lungs and just squeeze until you think you're going to die.

But you live. Living is the ultimate revenge. Not to say that its easy, because its not. Those little monsters wont go away just because you lived. In fact, they come back stronger, instead. And they bring friends. They work even harder to rip your heart out. They want nothing more than to watch you kill yourself, and to know they are due the credit for that.

As I said, I have met them. And did they ever try to take my life. They brought me to the edge of life and I had to fight my way back over and over again.

I don't know where my strength came from. I had no reason to have hope. My family caused me a great deal of harm and pain on every level. When I left them, I was met by other people who caused me a great deal of pain and harm. And when I tried to get away from all of them, I was met by even more people who brought me a great deal of pain. I couldn't win. So why did I go on?

There is something so big and so small in this world that you can see, but almost never recognise. There is something you hear, you breathe, you smell, but you never take the time to learn what it is. I called it hope.

I remember one occasion sitting alone in the dirt and leaves, very far from civilization. It was cold, but I didn't feel it. My nose was runny, but the sniffles didn't bother me. It was early morning and the small animals were all a bustle getting ready to start their day. The leaves in the trees rustled and I could hear the squeaking sound of trees rubbing together as they swayed in the wind. I remember looking out over an amazing view of flowing mountain fields. Hawks screamed from far up in the sky. The air was fresh, the ground was damp and I sat there, still, just watching, listening........thinking.

Even as my surroundings seemed so wonderful, I sat under a dark cloud of turmoil. There was no sun in my life. Just that damn cloud. Quiet tears fell down my face. My arm began to hurt as I pressed a broken shard of glass harder onto my wrist. It would be so easy. Just one good swipe and I could just lay down and watch the tree tops sway in the sky till it all faded away into darkness. It would be so easy.

Fresh tears swam down my face, again, warming my cheeks. I paused. There had to be a reason. Just one reason. There had to be. If I had nothing, no reason to stay alive then I would go. But there had to be something. I thought for a long while, never letting up on the pressure that was cutting into my skin.

I felt something inside. Something that whispered very softly, 'You can't do this'. I just couldn't place it. I couldn't hear it loud enough to understand it. I tried to listen, I concentrated. I squinted my eyes forcing more tears to fall. I listened very closely.......then I heard it. It was a simple question.

I have never been one to run from a challenge. Though suicide seems a quitters choice, it was something very different to me. It was a matter of taking away from those who used me as a scape goat. If I took myself away, they would have no one left to blame. No one left to hurt, but themselves. The ultimate enlightenment. But a challenge? No, I was never one to turn one down. To me, the question was a challenge. It had to be answered. If I could answer the question with solid logic and reason, I would be granted the gift of death. The 'go ahead' if you will, to take my own life.

"How will you ever know?" That was the question. I didn't need to hear the rest. I already knew what it meant. "How will you know......if it will ever get better, if you die now?" That was what it meant.

I sat there so long that day. I couldn't answer the question. I could never know the answer, unless I lived it. I looked up to the sky. I remember wondering........'Was that God? Was it God that just asked me that, or was it just me out smarting myself?' I dropped the glass on the damp ground and looked at if for a long moment. I walked away that day, alive.

I felt stronger. I knew it wouldn't be easy. I knew I would meet that sky again and again be asked that same question. I wondered if I would ever be able to answer it and whether or not I would be holding another big shard of glass or something else if I could answer that question. But as I wondered many things, my feet carried me on.

There were definitely many more trials and many more occasions where I faced that question with a weapon of choice. But I've yet to answer it.

Apart from those more severe moments in my life, I remember a great many more where things just seemed to be impossible. There have been many times when as a single parent I was beaten to a pulp by life. I wound up unemployed for about 2 years straight, I was rejected welfare because I was due child support that the dead beat dad never paid. I had no car and all the shut off notices were about to expire.

I cried myself to sleep every night hoping something good would happen, but even with all my hard work pounding the pavement every single day, all day long, I still had no job. I still  had no car and no one cared. I was at a point in my life when I was scraping face on rock bottom.

It wasn't until I sat alone, outside, under the trees looking up at the sky did I come to my limit. I broke down and begged God for help. Anything......just......anything......a chance, some hope, a tiny little stepping stone.....just SOMETHING! And I meant it. I really meant it. I had nothing left, nothing but a simple grain of faith.

Within days of this 'drop to my knees' prayer, something happened. A wall gave. Several tiny things happened that helped in a big way. It was EXACTLY what I needed to stay on my feet. It was the stepping stone I asked for.

Suddenly, I get a check in the mail from the government. Turned out they had robbed the father of my child of his tax return and gave it to me. Then shortly after that, I was contacted by the welfare department who told me I was more than qualified for assistance. (Which I used for about 2 years and then called them to cancel my benefits.) Shortly after that, I got a job and was able to keep my benefits just long enough to catch up on bills.

My point being, things turned around. When I was certain things could not possibly improve, after a simple prayer, a real honest request to God, I was granted my wish. I got what I asked for.

On another occasion, I had spent several years single. As a human who craves love and affection, it really broke my heart that no one even showed an ounce of interest. After convincing myself that I was pathetic and no one would ever want me, I broke down again. I spoke to God. I asked him for a man with specific characteristics and finished my prayer with, "is that so much to ask?"

Needless to say, within a few days, I was 'noticed'. Unfortunately, he had all the characteristics that I asked for to a 'T'. But he had more as well. I forgot to ask for a man who loved me back. I forgot to ask for a man who was employed. I forgot to ask for a man who'd like my son. I forgot a lot of things. He wound up taking me for all I was worth and I was flat on my ass with nothing, AGAIN.

I recognized this lesson immediately. I didn't blame God. I knew he was right. I had no right to make such a ridiculous request. It was selfish and I got what I deserved. I managed to get back on my feet again after rock bottom bit my nose for the umpteenth time. 

At this point I was a pretty firm believer that it was God. He was there and he was listening. I just needed to learn to ask for help the right way. I really had to 'need' the help. And when I say help, I don't mean a magical cure for all my ills. I'm willing to work hard for my own life and I have great respect for life itself. And I believe those who are willing to put in the time and effort will get what they truly desire in the end. So I know when to ask, and when to work harder.

Recently, in my life I kind of felt like I was at a stand still, but when I remember all these things, and I remember all the other things I've wished for, I now realize........I have it!

I asked for success. I'm now a published author! I asked for a WONDERFUL man with all the characteristics I FORGOT to ask for last time. (And I did NOT mess it up this time) And I now have the most amazing man on earth! The kind that made me learn what it is to love and be loved (which was also one of the things I prayed for). I got it! I asked for employment, a new car, a safe home......I got it!

So I'm NOT at a stand still, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, right now. :)

I can officially say, I'm a believer. And I don't need a church or any group of people at my door demanding it of me. I have life. That is what gave me faith.That is what will help me keep faith. Always.

Do you believe?

Tell me your story. I can post it in my blog for all to see, or keep it between you and me. If you'd like to let it out, feel free.

I'm listening.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whats YOUR fantasy?

I was in the car this morning heading out to work and the DJ on the radio had me laughing like crazy. The conversation was about exercise and obesity. He was talking about the day before when he was at the gym. Apparently he had done an incredible speed on a very expensive piece of equipment for about 26 minutes. The other DJ's asked how he managed to do so well. He laughed and began to explain that he had imagined he'd been booted off a cruise ship and he was swimming for his life, battling waves. Then he added, when he began to get tired he hurried up and imagined sharks were attacking him. LOL!!

The story went on and all I could think was, "Only a man would day dream up something that nuts." As I drove on chuckling I began to wonder, what do other people think of to get them through a work out? We all think of something to keep us moving at a good clip.
Personally, I day dream of several kinds of things. I had a bit of a rough life so I have a lot of internal angst. That helps. But on a more comical note, I listen to upbeat heavy metal and imagine I'm a super star! I picture a huge crowd jumping around and going nuts waiting to see me pop out of no where and burst into dance while singing along to the heavy metal. LOL!! Sometimes I have a bunch of Rottweilers and Cane Corso's with me barking and snarling instead of having body guards. (I love dogs.) LOL!!

So whats your day dream or fantasy? What gets you through your workout? I'd like to hear about it. :)