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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Feeling of Alone

I thought my childhood was done and gone
The feeling of alone.
But here I lay in a bed of tears
No one seems to know.

Many years as a single woman
was thought to be good practice.
But here I lay alone in bed
Only I would have this.

Even as my heart has been given
I still see nothing but four walls.
This is my prison
Solid and lived in
Forever these tears fall.

No one hears my cries my dear
No one really cares.
In a world so cold
Blankets aren't enough I fear.
And no one's ever there.

The darkness consumes me
Falling deeper into night.
Sleep wont take me
Heart ache still wakes me
I desperately wish for wings of flight.

Or perhaps a tradgedy
A blessing in disguise
Will save me from this pain I feel.
Save me from this fight.

Nothing is worse than the feeling of alone
Nothing as dark as time.
Time is my worst enemy
Without change my soul will die.

Dont leave alive my body and mind.
I dont deserve this torture.
Please take me god
If this is your wish
For death is better for sure.

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