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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Are What You Eat

Last week my son asked me a rather yucky question. I don't want to gross anyone out or embarrass anyone so to make it short and sweet, he wanted to know why a person's 'wastes' make streak marks in the toilet.

DON'T QUIT READING!!! It gets better, I promise. LOL!!

I had recently had some problems with my son's diet and an issue that arose about stealing snack foods and going on junk food binges and why that's bad. So I took this opportunity to teach him in a way that I knew he could relate to.

Now and days people have just awful diets. People have a terrible habit of doing what makes them feel good instead of what's good for them. I don't do that, and I'm trying like hell to teach my son to be a smarter, stronger man than his counterparts will be.

This is the part where I lecture everyone about eating frozen, pre-made or prepackaged foods. I don't care what it says on the box or bag, it will NEVER be fresh. Frozen is quite literally "Frozen" and fresh is quite literally "Fresh". Fresh foods cannot be sold in the freezer section. Anything you find in the freezer section is filled with preservatives because freezing alone cannot make food last as long as it takes to package, ship, stock and sell. And then there's the possible thaw that may occur during shipping and so on. Those packages would only last if they were air tight. We all know, they are not. So preservatives and chemicals are added to keep them from rotting.

Any boxed foods that you buy typically have tons of dehydrated ingredients which in the process of dehydration eliminates a large percentage of the foods vitamins and nutrients. In addition to that, a lot of the dehydrated ingredients are also preservatives and chemicals that add colors and artificial flavors to the actual food because the dehydration process took both those things away.

When you buy fresh meats, veges, fruits and herbs you eliminate a large amount of preservatives and chemicals that you would find in those other types of foods. I cannot speak for or account for the practices of the farmers where your fresh foods are coming from, and we all know that food labels are not always dependable. Marketers like to trick the general public in any way they can to make you buy their product. But basic education in your local supermarkets and (even better) you local farmers can help you make better purchasing decisions.  I understand that fresh foods are very expensive so we must substitute them from time to time, but if you balance it all out you should be able to live a very healthy life.

Having given you that little lecture, I will tell you what I told my son.

The human body is made to eat a variety of foods. We, by nature, are made to eat meat and plant foods. God did not make twinkies and you cannot pick snickers bars off trees. Soda doesn't flow from mountain springs and you cannot grow French fries. Man made foods are a product of gluttony. We just want to eat foods that taste good, but no one ever slapped the manufacturers hand and said, "No! That will make people sick!" So, now we have a problem.

When all you eat is things with lots of fats, sugars, salts and oils, the human body is not capable of processing the amount that people like to eat. So what happens is, whatever the body could not process gets stuck inside you, along the lining of your veins, arteries, organs, intestines and so on. Over a long period of time it can (and usually does) cause things like, high cholesterol, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and lots of other diseases. When your body collects these oils, sugars and salts like this, the body (which is an amazing thing and is designed to fix itself) attacks them and will not stop attacking them until they are gone. If the body never has a chance to process them, it goes into a kind of shock or stress that we diagnose as diseases and the other things I've mentioned above.

So when you poop and the poop leaves streaks in the toilet its because you 've eaten too many products with those preserving and tasty ingredients in them. Those oils and sugars become sticky once your body has processed it and it leaves those marks in the toilet. So when you see those marks when you go to the bathroom, you know its time to start eating some fruit and salads.

My son immediately went into the fridge, pulled out an apricot and ate it. It was the first time in months that I actually SAW him eat fruit. LOL!!

So you know what they say? You are what you eat. If you eat lots of fatty, greasy, salty, sweet stuff, you get to KEEP a good portion of it inside you......until your body just can't take anymore.

Now, just for the sake of adding this information, I must encourage everyone out there to learn, and teach your children how to garden and feed from your family from that. Produce is very expensive, so if you can grow your own food, you absolutely should. You'd be amazed how much money you'll save and how much healthier you'll become.

Kids are NOT being taught how to be self sustaining. I was made very aware of what happens to city folks when electricity goes out. We had a big storm not too long ago that shut down whole towns. No grocery stores, no gas stations, no TV. People lost their friggen minds! I was laughing because I had purchased an echo friendly car while these city folks in their hummers and SUV's were now dooking it out at the gas station. I laughed as I drove by and went to work. While mothers where fist fighting over the last gallon of milk, I was drinking water. Everyone went crazy and I just sat back and watched.

Seriously? Grow a garden. Learn to do canning. Learn to use what you have to get by. Otherwise, Darwin wins. Its survival of the fittest and all you city folks will be the first to go. Teach your children how to survive, live off the land. Get chickens if you can. They supply you with eggs and meat. Learn to fish. You'll never go hungry. Pick fruit in the spring, summer and fall. Grow your garden in the summer and collect your bounty as they ripen, learn to preserve them (properly) and feed your family all winter. Seriously.

You are what you eat. So are you healthy or not?

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