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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm angry so read at your own risk.

A rant, a it what you will. But its coming at ya so catch it or duck!

I have a friend. She is my best friend. We've known each other since Kindergarten. We met when I saved her from a mentally retarded boy who was strangling her at play time in school. I beat him over the head with a barbie doll and got him to let her go just in the nick of time. We've been best friends ever since.

I haven't heard from her in months, but she called me yesterday to wish me a belated happy birthday. (We don't speak often because her boyfriend stole jewelry from me and I called him on it. So now he gets mad when she talks to me, so she waits till he's not around to call me.) I graciously said thank you and proceeded to listen to her list of excuses for not saying happy birthday to me on Sunday (my actual birthday).

She had very good excuses......sort of. She's been running around like a mad woman working every day and sick to the point of several DR visits. Her life has become, shall I say, complicated....over the years. She met 'Mr.Right' and gave birth to his first child at 19. 10 months later she gave birth to his second child at which point he disappeared (thank god). She's had it rough ever since. She's always been very self conscious and made to believe that she's worthless and disgusting by her own 'loving' family. 

About 5 years ago, she met a man. She found him to be 'different' and was entranced by him. Within 2 weeks of meeting him, he moved into her apartment. With him he brought his damaging alcohol and drug problem as well as his criminal record. 

In spite of all my warnings she completely ignored me and kept 'Mr.SUPER Right'. I later find out that he had no job nor did he have any prospects or wishes to continue his education. Another flag went up. I soon found that his parents and his brothers and all their children lived in her town too. And they all had very similar stories.

I learned that all of his family had the same basic history. None of them have a license or a vehicle. None of them have a job and....what do you know....none of them speak English. Interesting. Worst of all, they all have alcohol and drug problems that are so bad they have actually caused some very serious medical problems with all of them. (not to mention its caused a very lengthy rap sheet for each of them including extreme violence and theft) What a lovely role model she chose for her children.

Keeping all this in mind, my best friend just told me that she's now moved her boyfriend's parents into her house (her NEW house by the way, which she worked extremely hard for and purchased all by herself). One of her boyfriend's brother's quite literally up and left the state without a word leaving his MANY children at home alone! So she has taken one of the kids into her home for good and fortunately found other homes for the other children.

One of her boyfriend's OTHER brothers just got out of rehab AGAIN! And AGAIN, came to her for money and a fix. And lord help me if I forget that all his other relatives always go to to HER for EVERYTHING.

Any time any of them have to go to the DR they ask her to take them. Any time they need to go shopping, she takes them. Anytime they run out of food, she buys them more. Any time they need ANYTHING...she's 'responsible' to take care of them. 

My best friend is one of the kindest, sweetest women in the world.....but she's a SUCKER! She's now been with her boyfriend for over 5 years and all this time NONE of them....him or his family have never once worked. Not once. None of them have a license because they've had too many DUI's. And none of them speak English. Why, you ask? Because they don't HAVE to. Since they cant speak English they are considered disabled and receive Social Security. Because they are alcoholics and drug addicts, they are considered disabled and receive Social Security. The ONE thing the US government has required from them is a very limited stay in rehab......ONCE. Now they're entitled to Social Security for life.....even after never having worked to EARN that money a single day in their pathetic lives. 

(How much do you love your country right now? Our government is refusing to pay for medical treatment to injured soldiers who are fighting for OUR COUNTRY but illegal immigrants, alcoholics and drug addicts are perfectly welcome to live her for FREE while the rest of us hard working, law abiding citizens work our ASSES off for THEM. I ask again, how much do you love your country right now?)

I love my best friend, but she needs to wake up. She's been working 6...even 7 days a week for YEARS to take care of her kids and her boyfriend and his family. Not once have they ever helped her with anything. They don't even give her gas money to haul their lazy asses around. 

Now my best friend is in and out of the hospital for horrible debilitating issues with her spine among other very serious medical issues that will require surgeries so severe that the DR's are not willing to perform them at her age as they will take away her ability to work. She's called me crying in pain because she couldn't afford to visit the DR. She's called me crying because she couldn't take her medication due to having to truck her boyfriend's family around. 

I love my best friend very much, but I'm afraid I will lose her far too early in life because her self esteem has been so damaged growing up that she cant bring herself to let her boyfriend go for fear she'll never be loved. 

Life is short. Let this be a lesson to you all. Don't waste it on those who don't truly care about you. Live for yourself and your REAL loved ones.

Here's something to think blind have YOU been?

I don't give a shit if there's typos. Bite me.

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  1. I totally see why you are pissed off about this. I would be too.