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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mechanical Hearts

So Doctors and scientists are saying they are on a verge of a medical miracle. A miracle that some are saying is an abomination or sacrilege.

Scientists have created a mechanical human heart. Based on the creation of pace makers and advanced all the way up to a break through in medical science.

But while scientists are clinking glasses and popping confetti, the rest of the civilized (informed) world is gasping with a number of questions so high breath is a mere memory.

Now we're entering uncharted territory. As far as the world has experienced, common knowledge states that once the heart stops, we die. Well what if it doesn't stop? We have no idea how long the rest of the body can live, especially the brain.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the human race? Should scientists, Doctors and/or government be allowed to use such a devise? And if so, whats next? We can already replace most organs, even regrow some (liver, tissues).

Among all other miracle monsters (cloning, genetic tampering, stem cell research)  how far is too far?

What are your thoughts?


  1. thoughts on this are too long for a comment. I'll have to answer on my blog after some thought. Mind if I link to yours?

  2. Go ahead Christy. People need to read these things. :)

  3. Here you go, dear. Hope it makes sense. Insanity's Finest: How Far Is Too Far?

  4. For me the heart that we have is on an elite form of mechanics anyway.... I think helping people that would otherwise die with this device can only be a good thing imo....

    Would I want to see my kids get married in the future if this was the only way I could get there???

    Of course I would....

    Hope all is well Kara...

    Your friend,