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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whats YOUR fantasy?

I was in the car this morning heading out to work and the DJ on the radio had me laughing like crazy. The conversation was about exercise and obesity. He was talking about the day before when he was at the gym. Apparently he had done an incredible speed on a very expensive piece of equipment for about 26 minutes. The other DJ's asked how he managed to do so well. He laughed and began to explain that he had imagined he'd been booted off a cruise ship and he was swimming for his life, battling waves. Then he added, when he began to get tired he hurried up and imagined sharks were attacking him. LOL!!

The story went on and all I could think was, "Only a man would day dream up something that nuts." As I drove on chuckling I began to wonder, what do other people think of to get them through a work out? We all think of something to keep us moving at a good clip.
Personally, I day dream of several kinds of things. I had a bit of a rough life so I have a lot of internal angst. That helps. But on a more comical note, I listen to upbeat heavy metal and imagine I'm a super star! I picture a huge crowd jumping around and going nuts waiting to see me pop out of no where and burst into dance while singing along to the heavy metal. LOL!! Sometimes I have a bunch of Rottweilers and Cane Corso's with me barking and snarling instead of having body guards. (I love dogs.) LOL!!

So whats your day dream or fantasy? What gets you through your workout? I'd like to hear about it. :)

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