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Thursday, May 30, 2013

We All Have a Little Story to Tell

Sometimes you have to look at things with rose colored glasses just to lighten the picture a bit. I recently asked you to tell me a short but interesting story about anything, really, that's happened to you. 

I've gotten a few and loved em all. My example to you was this: 

I once worked for a pizza joint. I ran the place during the day. When the boss noticed how good business was getting she instantly demanded all my daily tips. Told me it was HER food in HER restaurant so the tips belonged to her. Lol! I quit shortly thereafter. 

Here are some of your stories: 

The best I can do is the guy that came into my workplace in a open gauzy shirt and his wife's pink rayon jogging shorts with pretty obviously no undies under them. Not to mention the white clogs.This was after having seen him in what were definitely office clothes. I guess when some people go to camp they really let their hair down cause his was blowing in the breeze. And then the was the hiker in the kilt..... ~Peg Dolan 

i was working for a pharmacy we had one lady get a perscription for controception jelly so she whould not get pregnant after 1 month of perscribing this she came in and started yelling at me she says i been taking my jelly every morning on my toast and im pregnant you perscribed me somthing that dont work i said no lady you did not follow the directions its not for consumption lol so now because we have some bright cookies out there every thing is extremly specific on the labels. ~Rebecca Adete

I had taken my horse out of his stall to take him outside. I had a 1 ltr bottle of water that I was drinking from in one hand. He had not had a bath since I've owned him, so I wanted to see how he'd react to a little drizzle of water down his side (it was hot out). I only poured a little bit, and he proceeded to trot in a little circle around me. When I stopped him, he rubbed his nose on my cheek. I put his rope in the same hand that my water bottle was in and wiped my cheek. Not thinking, I went to take a sip from the bottle, using the same hand that I was holding the rope with. The second I put the bottle to my lips, he jerked his head away, causing me to spill water down my chin and on the front of my shirt!! He got me back! Lol! ~ Tina Martin Kouhoupt

How about how I was fired for posting of facebook that two teachers were working very, very hard and that I loved my job?  Somehow I broke confidentiality rules.  I know...I really need to get over it!! ~Tamara Lynn

I was recently amazed by a friend of mine. I invited her and her husband over for dinner. My son was upset and had been looking for his lost house key all afternoon. So my friend, who happens to be a wicken, said, "Walk counter clockwise in a circle stomping your feet and yelling, I want my key back! Once you finish walking in a circle, stomp your feet one last time and yell as loud as you can, I want my key back NOW!" My son was beyond skeptical, looking at me and mumbling, "I'm not doing that." My friend, however, made him do it, even as he dragged his feet and rolled his eyes. He quickly took his leave. We all chuckled a bit and began chatting again. Suddenly, I hear my son yell out, "I got it! I got it! I found my key!" We sat there slack jawed as my friend just grinned knowingly. :) ~Kara

Anyone else have a story to tell? 

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