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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ten Points for the Boy

I have a bit of a scary story for you.

For a couple years now my son has been telling me that our house is haunted. I like to watch TV shows like, Paranormal Witness, Dead Files, Long Island Medium and others like that and my son sometimes likes to as well. So I just chalked it all up to him watching too much TV (and combined with his autism there's a little more drama added to this situation.). I tell him, to stop being dramatic and I give him logical reasons for all his 'complaints'.

For example, he said his door (which has a hook in eye lock) keeps coming unlocked by itself in the middle of the night. My response is that is he either just forgot to lock it or that a truck went by or something. (Our house is not in the best shape the ground it's on is not very stable at the moment. So when trucks go by the entire house shakes. We also live down the street from the Air Force Base and are directly under the take off strip.) He rolls his eyes and tells me he KNOWS he locked it and he actually heard the lock jingle when it came undone in the night. *Throws hands in the air* What can I say?

He tells me the door opens and closes by itself in the night. I never believed that because my house is built in such a way that you actually have to walk into my room to get to his. So his bedroom door is in my bedroom. I wake up to a pin drop. So there is no way his door would open without me knowing it. Its an old creaky house. The doors squeak so bad I have to grease them monthly.

He's also told me that his alarm clock has changed time by itself and sometimes he comes home from school to find it blinking. Obviously, common sense says it was a slight power outage or issue. Happens all the time.

So these are the kinds of things he's been 'complaining' about. I just shake my head and tell him to calm down get real.

Last night, I went to bed. Everything was as usual. No trauma during the day, no crazy TV shows before bed. None of that. I was tired and we had to get up at 5:30am so I went to bed around 10:30pm. At about 3:00am I woke to the sound of my son's bedroom door opening. I looked over at his door expecting him to come out to use the bathroom.........he never came out. I sat up in bed and stared at the door. Nothing. I decided to go see if he was okay. I got up and went into the room. He was sound asleep in bed. I looked around his room.............nothing. Stumped, I stood there staring at the door. He usually locks it when he goes to bed. (I don't know why.)

Seeing nothing, I decided to use the bathroom and go back to bed. When I got back upstairs and headed back into bed I realized that the fan (which I use to dull the little noises in the night, otherwise I'll never sleep) was facing his bedroom door and was on high. "Well, that must be it!" I said trying desperately to shake the heebie jeebies that were digging into my gut.

I tried to go back to bed, pulled the blankets up over my head and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to think happy thoughts. Suddenly, I was shaken out of my slumber by bumping noises coming from downstairs. I sat up in bed and listened sharply. One bump.......then two more......a few minutes later, another bump. I got up, went downstairs shaking in my jammies.............but there was nothing.

Getting annoyed and feeling the fear building, I grumbled and headed back up the stairs looking over my shoulder repeatedly. I went back into my room and got back under the blankets. Now my ears were perked, my mind was buzzing and the fear had created a trembling deep inside me.

A little time goes by, my eyes drift shut and I slowly begin to relax. Suddenly, at about 3:37am a very loud rumbling noise came from outside and was shaking the house terribly! I jumped up and ran to the window to see a plow from the city. Apparently, they decided that a dusting of snow required immediate removal.

Now pissed that I was still up and now WIDE awake, I ground my teeth and got back into bed, jamming my legs under the damn blankets and yanking them back up over me. I closed my eyes again and tried desperately to go to sleep. About a half hour went by and I was just starting to drift off, out of the blue, I heard a strange and eerie hissing sound immediately followed by a tiny growl. My heart nearly beat right out of my chest. I jumped up knocking the blankets to the floor. My chest heaved as I couldn't seem to get my breath back. I looked all around the room and back towards my son's room who's door was still open. There was nothing there.

After a long while I decided I was either going nuts or I was calling an Exorcist first thing in the morning.

I finally got to sleep, don't ask me how. But very shortly after that, my alarm went off. It was time to get up.

I got up with a grunt and trudged downstairs to make my coffee. Feeling the pinch of the nights trauma I sipped my coffee rubbing my bloodshot eyes when my son came in.

"Mom, you're never going to believe what happened last night." he says with a look of fear on his face. Thinking to myself, "Oh god, he's gonna say he saw a ghost and we're gonna have to freakin MOVE!" But kept my cool and pretended to be completely unphased.

"What happened?" I asked sipping my coffee, watching the news.

"At about 3:00am I had the worst nightmare!" he began.

I nearly shit my pants. Oh god.......something creepy did happen!

"Yeah?" I answered, cool as a cucumber.

"Well, it scared the crap outta me so I got up and opened my bedroom door cuz I was scared. (He proceeded to tell me the dream)...Then I went back to bed."

I nearly choked on my coffee. "You did?? You opened your door and went back to sleep at 3:00am??" I asked no longer able to keep my cool.

"Yeah." he said now getting his breakfast ready. "And by the way, you really need to get rid of that automatic air freshener in your room. It makes a creepy sound and freaks me out when it goes off at night." he finished then ate breakfast.


I later learned that the bumping noises were from my neighbor who works night shift and parks right next to my house. He was opening and closing his car doors.

I hate myself. LOL!!

Well, the boys been trying to find a way to scare me for years. After hundreds of unsuccessful attempts he finally got me. It may have been unintentional, but he gets the points for this one. LOL!!!

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