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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Well, the New Year is here and the old year is just a memory. I'm not much of a sappy lady so I don't usually care about the little things like resolutions or things I'm thankful for. But I as I way lying next to my boyfriend on New Year's Day he said, "Did you have a good 2013?" His eyes glimmered with hope and expectation and all I could think was, "Who gives a shit? It's over." But the longer I laid there staring into those innocent eyes as he waited for a response I really started to feel like an ass. So I just smiled and kept quiet waiting for him to lose interest in getting a response.

The next day I thought about it some more......then some more.......and.......some more. A lot of shit happened in 2013. Some good, some bad, some just plain old normal. Whatever that is.

I had many F*ed up moments, like when my boss kept going in and out of the hospital and I had to find a new job (that may have actually been 2012 but it kinda carried through). Or when I had that horrible snap of bad luck and everything I touched broke. Then there was that whole thing where my very first publisher quit because he didn't get rich off the publication of my first book. My car got broken into. My neighbor decided to be particularly nasty and vandalized my property to the point of my having to call the police and put up cameras. I spend the better part of the year playing the Referee between my son and my boyfriend. Then there were those many months of my cat being so sick I needed to take up a new study, veterinary nursing. And I even managed to find out I may have a rather serious health issue. (I'll find out more tomorrow. Tests continue.)

Apart from all of that, there were some pretty wonderful things that happened. My boyfriend stood by me through all of the years shit. He purchased a home and I got to enjoy that with him every weekend. Despite the loss of my publisher I managed to keep moving and I wrote and published my second novel naming myself as the publisher. I spent a good part of the year getting some much needed outdoor exercise. I lost weight. I got my car fixed. I made a decent amount of money and didn't have to struggle so damn much to pay the bills. I improved my patio and got to really enjoy my little fire pit. I got my son to spend more time with friends and experience sleep overs, which he loves! My son finally became a teenager! That's only brag-worthy because I never expected I'd let him live that long. LOL!! I spent a good part of the year getting to know my boyfriend's family who are some of the most wonderful people I've ever met and am extremely grateful for. I've learned some pretty important life lessons that helped me grow as a woman and as a person. And did I mention that my boyfriend stood by me all year?? LOL!!

So I guess I really did have a good year in 2013. And I realized that there's a good chance that this year is going to be pretty good. If for no other reason I'd have to say its because on January 1'st 2014 my son said something I never thought he'd say. He said, "Oh man! Do we have to go? I'm really starting to like it here." when we were getting ready to leave my boyfriend's house to go home. One of the reasons for his new 'like' was because he finally found something he's really interested in........ARCHERY. Which he happens to be really good at and seems to be keeping him outside. :)

With a new laptop, the payoff of my car and getting back to work come spring on my horizon......I'm hoping for a bright and prosperous year ahead.

I hope you've all had the chance to look back and be thankful too. If not..........get blitzed and try to forget about it all. LOL!! ;)

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