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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Okay, in case you've been wondering I'll tell you how I got the nickname Krambo!! :)

When I was little I never talked. I know...SHOCKING! LOL! But I really was very quiet. So whenever I got angry or upset or overwhelmed for any reason, I would tie a bandanna around my head and go on a cleaning spree. This would entail me removing furniture from the house and even emptying the cupboards to clean inside. This was enough to send the family fleeing the house so they wouldn't get sucked into the chaos of cleaning!
My father had invited his unsuspecting girlfriend over to the house during one of my rampages and she took a great deal of interest in this. She watched from afar with an admirable smile on her face. About half way through the house cleaning, she finally approached me and said, "I don't mean to disturb you," she laughed. "but I just thought I'd tell you I'm ganna call you Krambo from now on!" she laughed again.
"Krambo?" I asked. "Why?"
She tried to regain her composure before explaining to me that I managed to scare everyone straight out of the house with my aggressive cleaning tactics! Not to mention the bandanna. "You remind me of Rambo!" she laughed before walking out to join the others.
And it stuck. From then on they all called me Krambo. Well, during these cleaning episodes anyway. LOL!!

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