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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The #twitternovel

Howdy you ingrates!

I just figured I'd drop you all a line explaining the #twitternovel. For those of you who haven't been able to keep up, I have been working diligently on what we're calling the #twitternovel along with my partner in crime @simonslives.

It all began upon Simon's and my introduction via @uthoughtittoo. As it turns out, it was a twist of fate. Two tweeters who matched wits....and guns...and soon became 'partners in crime' and might I add, deviant flirts!

The story is something of a James Bond sort. Simon plays his role as an assassin who's been contracted to kill ME. And I play my role as an assassin working for a counter Agency who'd been contracted to kill HIM. But even as we tried to kill each other, we failed....purposely of course, as we found ourselves attracted to each other's intrigue.

We instead team up as partners to make money doing contract hits of our own and ultimately, rescuing my long lost daughter (played by @saphirablue84) who'd been smuggled into a monastery used as a cover for a nuclear arms facility.

Along the way, Simon and I fall in love and soon the game of espionage and spying becomes a matter of life and death. We struggle through twists and turns and fall victim to bullets and knife fights. And before we know it, our once assassination details on each other becomes an issue of saving each other instead.

I'm currently working on the first edit, and might I add, its going smashingly. :)

I'd just like to say, that this book would never come to be if not for Simon. And I'm announcing publicly that I DID make him a promise that if this book does get published I will then fly across the ocean to finally MEET the man who made me famous.

Aside from just he novel, I must also admit, he's saved me in other ways. And I suppose our partnership has meant more to me than just a book. So for that, Simon, I thank you.

As for the rest of you, get your wallets out, this book will be hitting shelves soon. I just KNOW IT!!

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  1. Woo-hoo! I made the post! LOL!! I know that it's going to be a best seller! I can just feel it! Can't wait for my autographed copy! I do get a visit too; don't I? *hugs* Can't wait to read the finished draft! Go Krambo! Go!! :)