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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've been upset lately with some strange happenings going on here. In case you haven't heard, someone's been trying to break into my house. I've now taken measures and changed the locks, but even as I now feel safe something else has come to mind. I tried thinking of all the people who'd wish me harm and only thought of those who should NEVER wish harm on me. And with these thoughts, came a feeling I've yet to kick. One I'm not fond of and so, I write.

This is my therapy.

A memory, an expression. I remember your words and obsessions. A cold life, children in the snow. Screaming fiery nights. A world we should have never known. In a bed smelling of hay in a room filled with hoof prints and chicken links. A place we shouldn't have grown. I had love once, unbroken and true. Until it was snuffed out by the smoky breath of blue. My chest heaved with sadness, heart break came young. It took hold tight and ripped the threads pulling me all undone. The ice of reality shattered this soul. Frozen now by the loss of life that you stole. All these years so shallow with pain and still you lie, so harsh, so vein. When your clock expires and your nights are numbered will you only then be sorry for the hell that I've suffered? I hate you, I'm repulsed by you, you make me sick. You've made me hurt, made me crazy, made me want to beat you with a stick. But I wont say my hate is true and I'm glad I never killed you. For I am your blood and Karma holds true. I will be strong and walk on. I'll hold my head high and keep my dreams alive. For you no longer rule me or hold me captive with chains. My tethers now help me up when I'm pained. I have found freedom and sunshine above. In me and searches, I now have found love. But you will pay homage to your rusty grudge, and continue scrambling on in your horrid lies of sludge. I feel sorry for you and all that you suffer. But your name should never have been mother.

Thank you for putting up with my rants!


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