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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Its an ugly topic. Its an ugly word. But its also a HUGE problem in America today.

After so many crimes and so much controversy it seems we're on the verge of a Civil War. Why??

I don't understand. In this day in age, it shocks me that so many people still feel so bitterly towards other races. I could care less what color anyone's skin is. As a matter of fact, if anything, I may feel a tad bit jealous from time to time, simply because I'm white and don't tan very well.

I don't believe that the color of anyone's skin is the issue these days. I think culture is the issue. Now, I may be a little bias because I've never been away from the North East apart from Florida, so I don't really know much about other states and cultures, but from what I see around here, culture is the problem.

True culture has been fogged over, shaded and tweaked over the years. And what we once thought were wonderful cultures have now become something considered undesirable by the surrounding masses. For example, a city that I work in has a very high population of people who receive state benefits simply for having too many children to support in their current financial bracket. After speaking to many different people about this specific issue, I've come to a single conclusion: The culture of these people are all the same. Strangely enough, they are NOT all the same color and do NOT all come from the same country. They simply share the same culture. This specific culture strongly believes that the more children you have the better and that if you have kids together, you stay together. Now, I've heard many people say this is a religious belief, but frankly, I've met and know many of these people and I've NEVER seen them attend a single second of church. Nor do any of them practice any particularly religious behaviors and ceremonies. The amount of "sin" they commit daily is quite remarkable for these "religious" people. So for this reason, I consider the problem a cultural prejudice. that I've explained by example why I think its cultural, this is why I think it leads to hate. Having children is not a problem until all your neighbors have to pay for them. When there is nothing wrong with you, yet you fully believe that you should be a stay at home mom and continue to have baby after baby with men why do not honor their status as father and man, then you become a problem, a financial burden to all of your statewide neighbors since most states will financially support innocent children with tax payers money, those individuals suddenly get paid to literally stay at home and make babies regardless of their partners beliefs or honor systems.

Everyone knows that Americans are getting lazier every day. And believe me, when you work 40+ hours a week just to see it all fly out the window to Uncle Sam and then you turn around and see an unemployed person walking the streets in their pajamas, talking on the latest and greatest iphone and wearing 14kt gold jewelry with diamonds the size of golf balls on them, it really makes one want to quit their job and have a few illegitimate  children. But, not everyone can stand to do that so they kill themselves working for people who don't appreciate it and who don't work for anyone at all. what creates hate.

So when your leaders fail you, don't take it out on everyone else. Take it out on your leaders, right? The only problem, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. For example, cold blooded murder never accomplished anything except war. And I know people see Police as leaders, but they are not. They are simply enforcers of law. Our leaders are our government, our Judges, our Politicians. But no one cares to go after them. That would be too hard. I mean, they all have high power positions, teams of lawyers and bottomless pockets.

Knowing this, when someone of a particular culture does something as nasty as shoot police officers at random, or torture and kill customers at a café just because they don't practice a specific religion, or terrorize an entire city with shootings, looting, muggings and rapes because you feel like a victim, you are nothing more than another criminal and you should be punished at the fullest extent of the law.

Having said that, if you are truly racist and see nothing but the color of a person's skin, you don't belong here. America is not for you. And you need to either leave this country immediately, or be punished to the fullest extent of the law for any kind of crime you commit against anyone. This is 2016 and we do NOT practice slavery of any kind. Its gone. Its over and it NEVER should have happened in to begin with. Humans have come a long way, but if you refuse to accept the world you live in, get out.  America is the land of the free. Its the only place in the world where anyone from any country can come to work and raise their families in peace.

Our government has failed us by providing unlimited funds to people for no reason which in turn created a brand new culture of lazy free loaders who feel entitled to free money and use racism as an excuse when their tax paying neighbors get mad because of all the money they have to pay the government for those said freeloaders. Now, remember when I said the people of this specific culture believes in having as many children as God grants them? Well, do the math. When working people see the value of the dollar and respect it because they grew up working, they refrain from having many children as they are too expensive to raise. So that particular culture lowers in population while the other one drastically increases in population. Numbers don't lie. Its a vicious cycle. And it will do nothing but cause hate and war until someone steps up to the plate and fixes it.

Give the people a reason to earn their keep. Make them understand the meaning of hard work and respect. Do this and they will love you for it. Eventually, they will see the error in their ways and they will soon raise their children to work and respect that work for all it will provide them with.

But please, don't scream racism whenever a crime is committed, or whenever someone gets killed by someone who isn't the same color as the victim. Unless their is true, unquestionable evidence that it was crime against race, do NOT accuse anyone of it. You will only hurt your community. But your local leaders, write a letter to the President of the United States!!! TELL THEM....there is a problem and suggest ways to fix it. THIS is how you can change the world.

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