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Friday, August 19, 2011

Home is not a Place

Like a whisper in the wind, so soft and unyielding I feel you here. A shadow of peace and a glimpse of destiny you have me in pins over this reality. A far cry from the tears of a child, so tempered and alone. Buried in emptiness yet so alive with hope.

Another day, another hour, another clock to smash on the rocks of patience. Seems so still and yet like a heart beat, never ending, no rest, no pause. A certainty understood by both holds us, binds us in a power only we know. Like the earth on its axis, we spin. Just a matter of time before the spinning changes and the axis shifts. Only then will it be real. Only then will the severity of the nature of the beast show through. Will it be worth it? Will the power be freeing? Or will it convict us of a sin that wont be undone?

Having faith in a kindred spirit binds me to this day. For the moment, for this breath of life to fill me with the energy of your heart, of your soul. It will free me from the restraints of this life, this death of spirit will be reborn bringing a new day, a new light, a new faith in love and a new life.

I will accept this challenge. I will change the ways. I will be counting the minutes, the hours, the days.

No chains will hold us. No silk scarf will silence us. No thorns will pierce us from the rose of an ever blossoming life. We will be, we will breathe, we will share the wings of freedom and fly through the clouds to a distance of great value. There, we will find home. There, I will find you. There, you will find me. Home. In your arms, in your heart and in mine. We are home.

Home is not a place. Home is where the heart is.

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