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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Feeling the warmth on my skin is a feeling new
As I'm a spec on the hillside under the shadow of the tallest towering trees
But the trees have parted and the sun saw through
No longer in the darkness of chance these unbound roots have me off of my knees
This heart lies still, motionless in the glory of you.

Lines no longer blemish the skies in shame
This fiery blaze rains over me like a storm
Wrists only tethered by red silk and rose petal stains
The moon waxes and the moon wains
Taking its full masterful form
Let there be no more sorrow or fear of pain

Even as the stars dull and fade for the night must turn to day
I cant escape you...

I await you.....I await you

Standing in a meadow of green I feel the wind warm and tender
I'm reminded of a summer still, standing under a willow hill
Like the trunk on the trees so solid and slender
This breeze so soft reminds me of you and I'm here still wanting to be yours forever true

I look to the tree tops as the branches sway
Here I will stand...
I will stay....
I will wait

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