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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Hearts Beat as One

Twisted and battered by days old and new, I sit here thinking of only one, only you.

My nights long and beating with hot blooded thoughts, my mind is a flurry of colorful blots.

Words as cunning and cutting as truth find me wanting and waiting as I did in my youth. 

So refreshing is this dance, this song, as the rain in the land where I belong. 

Pain can be surging, purging in angst to its host, but in this time its waiting that hurts me the most. 

There is no care of where or how, just the possibilities that soon will be now. 

Then the pieces of this heart will come together as one, bound in such a way that will never be undone.

At last the puzzle be solved and a picture of beauty will find home, as this bridge will be gapped and we'll never again be alone.

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