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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Okay...normally I would just shut up and clean the house with a bandanna tied around my head #Krambo, but I'm MIFFED!!

*pacing back and forth like a woman on the edge*


Okay, I'll say it because I know he never reads my blog so I'm letting it all out!! My dear sweet twitter partner Simon has stood me up for the THIRD time on this damn #TwitterNovel2 and quite frankly....I've had enough!

*throwing pots and pans around the room and randomly sprays things with Pine Sol*

He says, "Okay sweets, could you be a doll and send me what we've got so far?"...and I did...I sent it. Then he went quiet for 2 days. Then I get another message, "Kara, darling, could you please send me what we've got so far on the story? I seem to have deleted it." I did...I sent it again! And AGAIN, he goes quiet. A few days later he says, "Shall we start on Sunday, sweets? Its my free day."...I say, "Do you promise?"...He says, "Of course I promise!"....Sunday comes and goes....I even made a blog announcement...and #TwitterNovel2 entries.

*begins to breath fire*

I ground my teeth but ignored the fact that I'd been stood up for the 2'nd time. Then he sends me a note..."Sorry love, been really busy. Lets make a date for Tuesday. I promise I'll put something in on Tuesday."....I take a deep breath and give him the stern 'mom look' and say..."You PROMISE?"...he says, "Of course! Its a date. Lets say 8pm UK time." I agree and call it a night.

*chest heaving, face reddening, I rub the gloss off the appliances*

Does he show up and put an entry in on Tuesday night? ...............NO.............2 hours later he mails me and asks for the story again!!

*cocks gun*

I'll kill him!!

Fuck it, from now on...I'll just say...."Whatever. If you'd like to make an entry, go for it. But I'm not making anymore dates or announcements."

If I learn anything, it will be never to expect someone to do what they say..........only be happy when its done.


Glad that's off my chest.......even MORE glad he never reads my blog! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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