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Monday, May 23, 2011

What's This?

Telling stories of awesome humility about my sister always makes me smile. And as today is yet ANOTHER grey and dreary day, I need a smile or two. So here ya go ....

Years ago when I was about 12, I ran away from yet ANOTHER home. This time, my sister was with me! It was quite the adventure....we had a 'Lean On Me' moment where we nearly got hit by a train as we made sure to use the Rail Road tracks as our path so the cops wouldn't catch us.

But thats not the part of the story I want to tell you about. The part I want to tell you is rather HILARIOUS and came later when we finally got to our destination.

We wound up several towns away from where we began and at one of my mother's friend's house in Lille, Maine. She was an older woman who had a rotten head on her shoulders and LOVED to help people commit crimes....(like us) she was more than happy to take us in.

She had convinced us that we'd be able to live with her indefinitely and had told us that we could have her son's old room. He was in the military and made the extremely intelligent decision to NEVER go back home!

So my sister and I began cleaning the room out. It was nearly empty, but no one had been up there in years so I was dusting cobwebs away while my sister made quick work of the closet. Summer (my sister) was a boy crazy teen who is 3 years older than me and INSISTS she's smarter than me. Which makes this, that much funnier!

As she was going through the closet, fascinated by all the GUY stuff she was finding, she picked up something I couldn't quite see at first as I was busy cleaning. She had her back to me and I could only really see bits and pieces of something white with straps and a hard shell in the shape of an almond.

"What's this?" she asked focusing intently on the thing in her hands as she tried to figure it out. She turned it this way and that way and I could see smoke coming out of her ears!

"Let me see." I said staying where I was. Summer slowly turned still focusing on the white thing with straps and the almond shaped shell as she turned toward me.

I instantly knew what it was but before the words could come out she put the hard shell part over her mouth like a doctors mask and wrapped the straps around her head. The confused look on her face made me crumble with laughter!

"Summer..." I said trying to catch my breath. "'s a jock strap!" I said with my hands on my knees as I laughed my ass off unable to take my eyes off her!

Summer screamed and whipped the jock strap across the room and frantically began to rub her face on her sleeves! I couldn't stop laughing...tears welled in my eyes as I lost my breath with fits of hysteria!

"It's not funny!" She yelled at me looking as though she was about to cry.

"Yes it is!" I retorted wiping the tears away. "I cant believe you didn't know what it was!" I laughed harder. "And you put it on your face! Eeeeew!! Oh my god, that's so gross!" I tormented her.

"Hey, what's going on up there?" the woman who owned the house called from downstairs.

"Summer just put a jock strap on her face, thinking it was a mask or something!" I yelled back to her. Suddenly the hall filled with echoes of hysterical laughter!

Summer couldn't help but join in the fun as she realized the true humor in her actions, she laughed too!

She, to this day, has never lived it down. :)

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  1. Oh that is a delightful story. I had a good chuckle myself.