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Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Old Soul

An old tired soul finds itself stuck in a young and vibrant body.
The mind tired with wisdom, wary and worn.

The heart cries for an adventure the mind wont allow.
War ensues, as the two forces try to collide over and over but are denied contact like reverse polarities in magnets.
The cries for life become deafening as the yearning for the depths of darkness cloud the soul.

Suddenly a life of inner imprisonment becomes clear as the haze of confusion blows away in the winds of time.

A sad new revelation opens a fresh wound letting the blood run from a still beating heart.

There are no questions, just knowledge.

There is no doubt, only knowledge.

And with knowledge there is no need for answers.
No need for questions.

And on it goes, a rivalry of inner turmoil for years....and years to come.

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