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Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's personal Jester

Just another day in the life and times of a wise but crazy lady. Yesterday was an interesting and embarrassing day for me. As funny as it was for everyone else, I myself was embarrassed and annoyed....but NOW????

Okay, I'm laughing my ass off now!! So I will tell you what happened.....*taking a deep breath*....I normally work very hard. I do a lot of hard labor at my boss's house. Not because I have to, but because I like it. It keeps me physically relieved and yet OUT of jail! LOL!!

So anyway, I was in my boss's LARGE garden and was breaking a mega sweat in the 90* temperatures digging trenches for 30 semi odd tomato plants and 12 brussels sprout plants and some other shit. The dirt had been tilled several weeks ago so it was loose and I kept sinking up to my ankles in it with every step. Might I add, I'm NOT very well coordinated.

After digging the trenches and working up this terrible sweat, I brought the hose in to water the wilting plants. I left the hose on the ground to let it fill the trenches while I continued to dig more.

Well I wasn't paying attention to the hose and found myself getting tired, so I stood up (as I was bent over running my hands through the trench to smooth it out) and my freaken pants fell off!!!! Yup, I said OFF!! Dropped right down to my ankles!! I panicked as my boss and son were both there watching from a distance, and I fumbled to gather them up........WELL, I lost my balance and stumbled backwards right into a giant quick sand puddle the hose had made while I was working!! I fell into it and lost a shoe!! It got swallowed by the puddle!!

My boss and my son got a GREAT laugh as I rolled around on the garden floor desperately trying to get my shit together! Once I finally managed to regain myself I stood up adjusting my pants to hear another round of laughter!

I looked over to my boss who was absolutely hysterical and trying to point at my shirt. I looked down to see that I had a sweat stain on my shirt outlining my breasts!!

At that point I decided it was quitting time and I drove home with humility in my soul and dirt in my underpants.

Just another day for Kara. :)

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