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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Into the Wild

Its easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a modern life. So easy, that we forget the simple how to build a proper fire, kindling, oxygen levels, ext. Or how to forage and find food.

We forget to listen to the sounds of silence. for it holds all the answers to the questions your soul's been asking. We deprive ourselves of survival and understanding of the ways of the world. The REAL ways of the world.

The so misunderstood. We are the WILD. Not the animals, not the plants, not the evils of mother nature, but US. "Trying to juggle blood and fire" this can be a tricky chore. We all have our evils but you'll never hear of a dear who's cheated on its mate and got fired from it's job because it didn't wake at dawn. Only we do that.

There is no time unless you have a watch. There is no truth without lies. There is no survival without struggle. Secrets can be devastating. Lies can be destructive, but truth...this will always be just what it is....TRUTH. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nothing is as honest as nature. For she will never lie. She is beautiful and brutal, hungry and full, tired and wanting and she will never tell you otherwise.

Being a part of and experiencing the wild is the ultimate truth. Its not for the faint of heart. Only the strong will survive.

In the wild you don't have to worry about getting robbed, raped or abused. All you have to worry about is the weather and the direction of the herds. Just goes to show how "civilized" we really are.

Sometimes the wild can make you feel so alone. Then again, sometimes alone is the best way to be.

Sometimes it seems that intelligence had gone too far and we forget the place we come from. The Earth we grew from, the only existence in the Universe who gave us everything we've ever needed.

I've never found as much peace as I've found in the wild, anywhere else in the world. There's no peace like in the wild. You'll never understand, until you experience it.

If you haven't seen the movie 'Into the Wild' you should. Its a hell of a lesson, and a cool breeze of enlightenment in life............and death.

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