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Friday, May 13, 2011

Forever More

Yesterday, was a stormy wind, a tragedy. It brought all the evils lurking deep down to the surface to battle me.

It was an internal war that pressed the very core of a selfless and humble soul. For there was no reason, no reward just a season, just a cloud the color of coal. Was a battle of will which created the spill that shimmered like oily water. But with a new day, comes the sun's rays giving the rainbow a chance to shine on mother natures's daughter.

Her warmth brings strength and courage to a brand new eve, that has tried to retrieve nutrients from her roots. It pulls on the life that has survived so much strife and learns to breath again, with the air from heaven's ever changing moods.

I will live again, I will breath again. I will be stronger than before. I will fight for all thats right and leave weakness behind forever more.

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