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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Heart So Cold

A fool am I so shallow and cold, to believe that you ever loved me so.
I wish for freedom, a life of pure bliss.
Something I thought I had with your every mind shattering kiss.
Was a day or a night, I remember so well.
Not a day or night that goes by that this fable I will tell.
Now and forever a love so true,
Is never heart beating, or drumming for you.
I remember what you said, what you did, what you show
A pain so promising never letting me go.
I know what's inside you, what grips you I trust
Is nothing more than evil, your selfish bits of lust.
Do moments become you, do they make you shine?
Or do you regret them when its over, a moments time?
It doesn't really matter, we are what we sow.
A flower wont bloom if the sun doesn't show.
I wont forget what you did, or the rest.
I will only remember who I was...and the moments our best.
Time heals all wounds they say,
I will have to remember that some day.
Until then I write, I breathe, I fight
For every breath of air, you took from me that night.

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