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Sunday, June 19, 2011

There is strength in 'Alone'.

Alone is a hollow stump of a tree once great and tall. Alone is the sapling left in a once lush forest now smoldering embers. We are left as we are and pushed from the nest, may you fly or fall. Those of us who fall, may learn to walk. And when we learn to walk, we are made victims. Easy targets, moving slow in a world so fast and ferocious. Like a bunny to the wolf we run, heart thumping, fear driven and starving. Roots of the living trees may trip us...branches fallen and shattered may slow us...but we will never stop. Not until death or rapture. May the soil be rich and give us traction. May our hearts beat strong and fierce. May the heavens have mercy. And pray the wolf is clumsy. We will survive. Like the rose of the desert. So dry and yet so vibrant. Let our leaves shine with the gloss of glory and our flowers offer the sweetest aromas of love. May our brilliance shine above all, standing out in the cold, dark nights and sheltering the meek under the most blistering balls of fire. If the heavens above see fit to take us may our angels light the way. If the devil fights to break us, you've the choice to fight or sway. When you find yourself suffering through the unknown, remember, there is strength in 'Alone'.

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