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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Raven's Cry

There's a fear in the darkness, a silence so deafening. An unearthly presence awaits a final reckoning. Empty branches stretch over a moonlit sky, like witch's crooked fingers saying good bye. A storm in the distance rumbles in the sticky tar night. A raven's cry fills the darkness, building such a fright. Like a blanket shadows fall on the ground from the trees, An owl stays steady watching its next meal to be. Feet slipping painfully bare on mossy stones. Leaves crackle under foot like beastly old bones. Glowing eyes open in the deep dark forest, even with the moon and the stars your vision is the poorest. These woods are enchanted and the magic kills the light. Nor sparkle nor glitter or even rain to feed the life. Eyes are all around you. They're closing in. They're coming to find you feeling the hunger of sin. May god stand beside you, may your angel be true or the devil will take you with the most frightful witch's brew. Night life plays an ominous symphony. The sounds echo a hollow retreat. Your mind is a flurry your mind fills you with fright. You cant think, thought are chaos and worry. You pray that the day will soon take the night and give you back in the light.

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