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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Thank You

Well I've done it this time! LOL!! I seem to need extra feet and not just because I broke one of them, but because I seem to need spares to stick in my mouth! I mentioned today that I thought God hated women...first he gave us the apple, then our periods and then he was nice enough to 'gift' us with the ability to bare children and get good and fat! Well my words were put slightly differently and poor dear Chris nearly fell off his keg thinking I was pregnant! LOL!! So to clear the air...NO...I'm NOT pregnant...I'd have to be Mother Mary for that shit! Hahahahhaa!!!!

Having cleared that up, I'm also a bit confused by how argumentative the Irish men get when I explain to them what #IHOW means! They suddenly get 'fisty' and want to fight poor Wayne! I honestly don't know how he ever survived in Ireland with all those crazy bastards wanting to throw down all the time! LOL!! Wayne, if you're reading this...I'm sorry....I'm not sure why...but I am. LOL!!

Now for a more serious statement. I just want to say thank you and give you all a ton of cyber hugs! I promised Chris much love and some cyber snuggles so here ya go!! ((SNUGS!~PLUGS~n~HUGS)) Don't go spending that all in one spot now! LOL!! No, for real, Chris you've been a great friend and I truly do appreciate your kind heart even if you DO beat on me. :) Its not every day a girl can befriend a man without the inevitable expectations. Thank you dear!

Having said that...there are SO many more of you I'd like to thank for being so wonderful...too many to remember all in one shot...not your fault...I forget my own name every day!

Jamie, you knew you'd be on here!! LOL!! You are the sister I WISH I had!! Thank you so much for all the support and common sense through good times and strange times...LOL!! I wish we were closer so we could meet, I really do!! I pray that some day our careers will help bring us together :)

Simon, my twitter partner who will never in a million years read this, I love're wonderful! Thank you for being in a time of need at the same time as me! Hahahhaha!! No...I'm sorry, that was mean. LOL!! I wish you the absolute best in all things in your life! You deserve all the happiness and love that the world holds for you dear! And I remember my promises!! If you don't....I feel bad for you when I show up at your door step! Hahahhaa!!!

For all the boys who cure my ill and all the girls who give me will, thank you!!

I really owe Twitter a hand shake and a very grown up nod. Without twitter I never would have had the luxury to interact with all of you. And god knows how crazy I COULD have gotten! LOL!! WOW!!

Anyway, I'd also like to thank #IHOW for spreading good health and for trying so hard to help others in their time of need. Without people like all of you the world would crumble and fall. I'm not ready for that. So thank you. You're wonderful. Keep doing what you do.

And MURV!!! The man who got the dog that brought back so many memories and was kind enough to listen to them as well. You and your family are wonderful and I pray you all have the best of love and life for all your years to come. :) I'm done blubbering...for now. And NO...I'm not drunk. LOL!!! I just think credit should be given where its due. Have a wonderful day!


  1. This Girl is one of the reasons I came back to Twitter.

    An Exceptional person with a massive heart & love for Life that shines through the Medium of Twitter like a Rainbow in a hazy morning.

    She is crazy, She is aggressive... She is Canadian *coughs*....

    She is Irreplaceable.

    A person who I can truly call a friend because we rub off each other so well.

    I'd miss her terribly if she wasn't around.

    Chris Bradley - Dublin Ireland

  2. Omg Chris, that was the sweetest thing I've ever heard coming from an Irish man! Come give me some love you drunken bastard!! ((HUGS))