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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorrow is the Dream

I have no home, no dreams come true
I'm shackled and bound by days old and new
There's no spark left inside, no fire in my blood
I'm sinking forever deeper into the past of tar and mud
I pray for the earth to take me and feed itself
For even as I'm alive there's nothing in this empty shell
I've waited so very long to warm by the rays of love
But I lay here under icy rivers only to stare at the heavens above
There's no mercy here, no reward for kindness is due
Lord knows all I've ever wanted was for this dream to come true
Lord knows all I've ever wanted was love from only you.


  1. As you know I don't dig poetry... But can I ask is this random or a reflection of you now?

  2. Yeah...sorry. I couldn't sleep last night. I was being tortured by thoughts of years past. Still thinking about it, I guess.

  3. Just look at your son & see the future. There wont be any torture there.

    He will be Sun that creeps out from the Dark Clouds of the Past.

    The Red Rose of your life is Opening.

  4. Kara, I see alot of pain and angst here about not being's honest, open, and the last line is an interesting ambiguity. Are you asking for love from God? From a lover? From someone in the past. Can't help but feel for this plea for love..I think it is well done.

  5. Terribke writing, just awful. Face it love you're not a poet

  6. Hahahahaha!!!! Omg...did you guys see that? I LOVE that last comment!!! LOL!! Whoever you are, you're probably right...BUT...apparently you're not much of a writer either!! Hahahahaha!!! 'terribke' LOL!!! But thank you for your criticism.