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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today I'm Here to RANT

How many of you pay insurance, whether it be medical, vehicle, home or any other kind of insurance? All of us do right? How much money do you spend on these insurances every year? Think about it for a minute. I've done the math. And I found that I pay over $2000 in insurance payments every year. And a few years ago it was MUCH higher simply because of my age.

Well....the area I live in was struck by a tornado and destroyed thousands of homes and cars in several cities and surrounding towns. Now all the victims are trying to recover what they lost only to get the doors slammed in their faces by the insurance companies. Most of the home owners who've lost everything are retired elderly people who never could have imagined a tornado in Massachusetts. And now they find themselves homeless, unemployed and without help because the insurance companies refuse to help them.

I strongly feel that the laws and policies in this country prevent us all from being what this country is supposed to be about......FREEDOM.

You pay thousands upon thousands of dollars into insurance policies that by law, you HAVE to have...and yet, when you need that insurance to recover what you've lost or damages you've incurred they say no???

If this is okay, then so is stealing. Because that's all it really is. You pay money into a system put there to help you financially should anything happen and when something happens they DON'T help. That's stealing is it not? And yet its perfectly legal for them to do that! That PISSES me off!!!!!!!! We work too damn hard and pay FAR too much taxes to have these companies milk us for every penny WE earned! I say if they want to get paid, they should get off their asses and get a fucking job!

I think we should all ban together and fight the system. Send a letter to the White House. Call your Senators and your Mayor's!! We need to stop these giant companies from running us dry like the damn Banks did!!

Okay, I'm done ranting now. :)

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  1. I just think that America should be about what it says we're about....Freedom, Justice and Equality.