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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Synopsis of Birds of a Feather

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When Shiloh Lashley, an International Assassin, is stationed in Berlin Germany to conquer her next mark, little did she know that the mark, Monty Wright, is also an assassin hired to kill her! When the two finally meet in a slightly comedic fashion, they find themselves wrapped in intrigue with smoking guns.
                The Assassins initial intrigue soon becomes something much greater than either had anticipated. But when their agencies find out that their top Assassins have gone AWOL the lovers soon become targets staring down the business end of more weapons than either could have ever imagined. So they run the globe fighting the conspiracy, cautious of each other and bonding their confused souls to find balance in the chaos and a way out of a life of crime.
                Monty, an English spy and a man of many secrets, finds that he’s fallen in love with his sexy would be killer.  Knowing full well about her hidden past he finds himself willing to do anything to save her and her secret from a life of murder and fear. He’s willing to sacrifice his own barren life for her happiness. If only he knew that her happiness depended on his survival.
                Shiloh, a loner by nature finds she’s unsure of the man she’s fallen madly in love with.  The possibility of this spy breaking down her walls solely to get to the Agency was not so farfetched. And the fear of his attempt to fulfill his contract poses as a long lasting distraction.  His secrets torment her even as he slowly begins to bring them to light. Little by little her stone walls soften and crumble as his English charm kisses her again and again.
                But Shiloh’s secret is daunting. She is oblivious to the fact that Monty knows her secret. He knows about the child she birthed as a result of rape. He knew all about her old boss and how she got into the business by helping the Agency get their man and taking her revenge at the same time.
                Even as her conception was in vein, the bond between a mother and her child never fades. Monty wastes little time forcing this reality back to Shiloh’s dull scope of life. He would do anything for her happiness and he would stop at nothing to make her dreams of being a mother to the daughter that she lost so long ago come true.
                The work of a spy is lonely and cold, but it was all either of the lovers knew until they found each other.  The question of love or lust suddenly crashes to the sandy beaches of Jamaica where they escape to from the long arms of contract killers.  There they finally share a passion that bonds them together, driving them harder to their goal of freedom, of a family, of peace. It’s where their love blossoms into something more real than they could have ever known.
                But when they are discovered, their plans get rushed and the lovers are forced apart in order to stay alive long enough to save the life of Shiloh’s little girl. What they find in the scorching plains of Mexico is more than they’d expected. In their efforts to save the child from a so called monastery they discover something far more dangerous than any assassin. Will their love, determination and skill save them from the compounds of death, or will lies and secrets cause a prison of bullets to take the lovers?

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