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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a Note From the Crazy Lady

Loneliness is a pain that exists to remind us that life has more meaning than a busy schedule or a life filled with work and responsibility. Fore every tear that is shed there is an argument avoided. For every night spent with eyes wide open there is one less heart broken. I find comfort in this. For its the only way.

I've yet to find peace in it all but, I'm sure in time it's purpose will come clear. A lesson perhaps. Am I a teacher for all? I am a master of nothing. I have many tears shed. I've many sins to answer to. Cant help but question faith. Maybe God has an answer or two. I've found that trials bring you treasure's no matter how small they seem. I'll never take them for granted.

 I will forever fight fro my love and my soul. I will always ignite a fire in the deepest darkest crypts of my being. I will fight. For always. I will be here, working...waiting. Its not in me to quit though I want to so badly sometimes. This is just a note, a feeling, a blight. I wish I could say it the way I feel it but until then, I'm all I have to give.

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