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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Search for an Agent

And again, the search is on! I've been searching for an agent for over 2 years now. I constantly hear that I should be a writer because I have real talent, and yet when I finally write a novel its overlooked and snubbed due to timing, editing, content and so on.

Seems such a tedious task to find even one literary fish out of the biggest ocean stalked full of them, who would enjoy my genre. And here lies another issue...genre's. So many stories to tell and yet agents are very specific about what the like or don't like. If it takes so long to find one agent for one simple genre, how long will it take to find one for that NEXT book I'm working on?

Honestly, the frustration has set in and the search for agents to submit my work to has officially given me a head ache and nauseated me straight to my couch!

The one thing I've dreamed of doing in terms of writing have been beaten and crushed for many years now. Poetry is my soft spot and is the only form of writing that touches my soul. Unfortunately, publishers have made it very clear to me that they have absolutely NO interest in poetry as apparently EVERYONE thinks they are a poet. So my dreams of being a published and RECOGNIZED poet have been pulverized and spit on.

So instead I write novels. My preference in writing is horror and dark arts. Its a difficult task but like anyone else I wish to see my work blossom and bloom in paperback. Having said that, Kindle seems to be the new paperback which I must admit, breaks my spirit a little bit. There is just something about holding a book in my hands, smelling the ink on the processed paper and seeing the shine on the beautifully decorated cover. But as times change...we must adapt.

So here I am, ranting about why I love and hate what I do. I really do pray it finds me a success someday...someday SOON would be nice. My day job is killing me! LOL!!

Sorry if you didn't want to hear any complaints today....but I'm injured and feel that I'm entitled to a little drama at the moment. LOL!!

Okay, I'm done. :)

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