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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feathers In the Snow

Your raven haired angel sits quietly still
A silky, black feather blows in the deep winter will
Silently waiting feeling the pinch of Jack Frost
On a trembling skin jacket, wings warmth not yet lost
Trembling true, she's icy blue
She embraces the face of her sin as it stings
Like the snow on her skin she suffers within
A song echoes through the wooded pine 
A lullaby so somber it tattoos the steady divine
Your voice she hears when no other sound breaks through
Her blinded frozen ears hold steady for you
That hunger within starves her so deep
Even with the freedom of flight, she's trapped, she weeps
So close to her muse, her adoring diamond stud
All the colors hue's, now turn to sticky mud
Crackling brittle flowers in her fingers now fragile and dark
Her glassy eyed gaze staring straight at the mark
If time would cease, calm and be still
Forever she would love you even as you've had your fill

She needs understanding, a stress you wont give
Blinded by the music, you wont let her live
Snow flakes fall all around the angels wings
She will hear only silence until her love sings
She sits on that stone, frozen and true
Thinking she may lose her heaven, she may lose the one who's you
Her pain is clouded by whispers softly spoken only as you go
But all of her whispers are nothing but feathers in the snow.


  1. Great poem, I must admit that I am terrible at trying to write verse. I think its a talent that comes from deep within, nice post.

  2. Why thank you Peter! I dont consider myself a poet, I only write poetry as a form of release. I write what I feel and I happen to enjoy rhyme. LOL! Funny you posted this just now. I NEVER reread my blog posts. Way I see it, its done, there it is. Bye. But this one....well, I must admit, I just reread it 3 times. LOL!! Like, minutes ago! You're reading my mind!