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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Never More

Falling farther deeper I go...sinking forever into the never more.
I am not the rock that you need. I keep falling harder at the feet
of those who laugh and wish me harm
or simply leave me at the length of arm. 
No one will help me. No one stops these tears
They forever fall, for my future I do fear
I wish I could stop it. 
I wish I was the stone
That keeps you all alive that keeps you from being alone.
But I am all I know I am, I am nothing significant.
I will never have the fairy tale that you all dream of
I will always fail.
I pray for death be it swift and true.
Dry my  tears once and for all
Finish me please will you
I don't want to live this life anymore
Drifting into nowhere my future is never more.

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