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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank You

Drifting auburn and yellows hover over windy hills. Like a vapor burning off the land the mellow calms and soothes the lion still.

Let no angst stick in the fresh clean breeze. Only a blazing high sun reflecting on the summer seas. 

A drop of dew beckons a shimmer, like the twinkle from the night sky blanket. Memories of your words offer a glimmer, of a new sun warming the land as the sun won over the moon and sank it. 

Words like the lion can be harsh and cruel. But words from you are like diamonds on a spool.

So strong and swift the lion who waits, so patient and stunning this beast on the prowl. Tempered he sits outside the gates, he could use force but force will only scare the fowl. 

A kindness shines in the eyes of the beast. A merciful master of inner peace.

Wisdom wins the hearts of the lions pride, taught by years of lessons and hunger. Its nice to have this lion on my side, during a time of peril and blunder.

As I sit in the willows overlooking fields of green, I think of your words and my smile can be seen.

Like the lion to his pride, he feeds and nourishes their very souls. I no longer feel the need to hide, there's no longer such a need to hold the reigns of control.

Expression is the meal that keeps us fed. I will no longer allow myself to be misled. 

The lion this symbol, gives me strength when I've none. This calm soothing beast even with claws long and nimble, sings a lullaby I remember even with the rising sun.

I've thanked you once, twice, thrice and I will ......thank you again with a smile still.....when your kindness finds me a new, I will again say the words.....

Thank you.

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