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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mother Nature the Bitch

Well I'm just here to bitch....about the one and only bitch that I like to bitch about. Mother Nature. She really pisses me off sometimes. Like now.

In case you've been out of touch, I've been 'bitching' an awful lot about these terrible storms we've been having. And its not for nothing. This year New England has managed to break records with its severe storms and all the devastation they've left in their wake.

It began in June with the tornado.  It wiped out 3 of our towns, 1 major city and demolished several mountains of protected forests. People lost their homes, cars, jobs.....and some lost their lives. We were forced to bring in our national guard, state police and emergency services from about 3 or 4 surrounding states in order to help clean up.

I was unfortunate enough to live right in the middle of it. I watched as the tornado took down power lines, trees and ripped roofs off houses all around me while leaving my house in the free and clear. The after math was not as kind. I did have an up close and personal experience with a tree falling in the road in front of me as I was driving. But fortunately, I was able to stop in time to avoid it.

Before we were even able to clean up after this storm, new storm warnings came into affect. We were suddenly under the attack of a hurricane.  We got hale, we got rain and we lost more trees, more power lines and again we were left in the wake of catastrophe.

Once again we had to deal with power outages, supply shortages and a major shortage of help. Our government unfortunately for us, had mismanaged its funds and never paid all the emergency crews that spent every day for months helping us clean up and get back on the grid.

So when the earthquake came, as minor as it was, we were all on our own. Thank God it was just that, minor. Nothing but some broken furniture and nicknacks. No big deal.


Then came our latest storm, the NorEaster that came with a BANG! Without much warning we got BITCH slapped by Mother Nature AGAIN!!

For those of you who dont know, this is what a NorEaster is:'easter  And now we're fighting for simple things like milk and meat. Power outages have lasted even till now. We averaged 8" of snow on trees still filled with leaves bringing them all to the ground. Streets are STILL covered with branches and wood.

With power outages you'll note that there are not many traffic lights working. We may not be Boston, but we are very busy cities with LOTS of traffic. This has been a nightmare. People who still have power are now living in cramped houses as they've had to house friends and family who are going without.

So these storms hitting us back to back all year have compounded devastation and destruction. We are hurting. And now the Mayor and Governor are saying that the emergency crews that have come in to help us, are now leaving due to the new knowledge that our government has not paid anyone for the last disasters.

As it turns out, all our money has somehow disappeared.....right into the pockets of the politicians. Sad to say, but its election time. We need help and our own citizens, our own people, those who are supposed to help us, help their fellow man, have stolen everything from us and are now preparing to punish us by raising taxes and emptying our bank accounts to pay for the damage.

I will NEVER vote. NEVER.

I've promised myself and all my fellow citizens that I will never do them the discourtesy of voting for people I never wanted in office in the first place. If there is ever a time when there is someone heading to office who means well and is strong enough to fight the government no matter what....THEN I'll vote. Never before.

So, if you read me bitching about the woe's of the storms, now you know why. Have patience with me. I'm living this shit.

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