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Monday, November 21, 2011

I am here for you dear

In a time of peril and toil
I will be the one to bed your new soil
You are ready I am here
This is your fight but I will save you dear
When the battle takes you into the darkness
My hand is before you to offer you a harness
You know you have courage
But logic  fears  you
Dont be discouraged
Don't let the darkness take you
Remember I am here
No matter how fast your heart beats
I will calm your aching fear
Shed the tears if you must
But my hand is ready for you dear
In me you must trust
When the sadness bites you I will be here
To bring the smile upon you I will be here for you dear.
It is not real, the pain you feel
upon contact, don't sign the contract
it is a trick to hold your soul tight
to keep you bound in the depths of night
But I wont allow it
This fight bestows it
It will be won no matter the weak or the fright
I will save you
Let not a feather fall from sight
From this angel's wings
 You are my one and all.
Healing hands are on you
I'll never let you fall
I'll keep you safe from harm
I wont let them inside you 
I'll never let you roam too far
I will be the hand that guides you
To love and hold you near
Forever by my side
I am here for you my dear.

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