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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Pandora's Box

Bumps and bangs fill the musty night air. Chains clatter on its wooden planks that have been worn for wear. A lock fits tight through the links that bind. May this secret be ever so shy. This box of truth must never be found. So I bury it deep under dry gravelly ground. Mist hangs in the air like sheets of transparency. I wonder if anyone is watching me. A glance at eyes corner keeps my secret safe. Even as I wish it was opened and embraced. Now is not the time to open the box. Another shovel full falls clattering around the toggled sides. Feeling much like a clever fox. Dirt showers down its walls like wishes fallen from the angels eyes. At times its like slipping down the edge of a dull knife. These wounds forever healing, revealing the secrets of my life. Sweat beads down my back so smooth. I'm crying but my actions are bold and true. The tiniest piece of my heart bleeds blue. But my actions are done solely for you. I look at the cube mocking me in the night. I ignore the truth with all my might. It stares at me even as its now smothered by earth and stone. It holds words so lovingly true. It knows I'm alone. That I'm waiting for you.This is not a curse or a spell I am bound to. Its a secret safe in waiting entwined in hope its staying for you. Until the day comes when the secret can be told forever inside me I will hold. I will not break, for I am strong. You can trust in truth for it is never wrong. I find I am waiting forever I am bound like a maiden in rags, she's tied tightly to confound. No one asks, no one says a word. No one but you when ever the cold night burns. On my soiled knees I pack the dirt tight. The sun will rise soon taking away all this night. I pray life comes with it. I look to the skies. I pray my face will soon be lit by the sunshine in your eyes. These wine stained lips will stay burgundy red till the day the box is unveiled and the truth is openly said.


  1. I can relate to this as well. I have so strong feelings for someone but I can never tell the person due to me being worried that I will lose the friendship which means more.

  2. So many emotions were conjured up when reading this that I had to sit back, light a cigarette, get another glass of wine and re-read. The last thought I had in my head as I finished reading it again was that within all of this there was one theme that kept weaving in and out...and for me, it brought much buried tears too easily flowing...waiting for that day of truth to come.

    Amazing to have had this deep of a reaction...I am in awe....and need to gather myself together

  3. Rach I think these are things that everyone can relate to in some way or another. We all have something we want to say but cant for whatever reason. In my eyes, I see it as a learning tool. The longer we keep things inside, the longer we think about them. The more thought we put into things, the more we learn from them.......I hope.

  4. Patty, I honestly had no idea this little story would have such a profound affect on anyone. They are thoughts in my mind every day. I suppose I've grown accustomed to them. I think if it brings truth to the surface enough to make you cry....perhaps its time to set it free.